Bethany and Jeremy's Eiffel Tower Proposal

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After hearing his plans for spending the summer in Texas doing a training at a military hospital had changed, Jeremy’s parents invited us to spend a week in England with them and his grandparents. I had never been to Europe, so I jumped at the opportunity. It took a week to expedite my passport and after approval from my work, we jumped on a plane to London to meet up with his parents. I suspected nothing. We took a day touring London and headed to our destination in the Cotswolds. I felt like it was a perfect time to get to know his grandparents better and see the countryside with my wonderful boyfriend. The day before we left for France, I still have no idea we were going. He came by to pick me up for our tour of with the Duke of Devonshire and gave me a card and a couple boxes. Still completely lost, I opened the card at it said, “Happy birthday! England has been a great diversion. But I think it’s only fair tomorrow we’ll go on a little excursion. Can you guess where?” The boxes contained two Eiffel Tower necklaces and a bottle of perfume. My birthday was the next week, so the card and gift made complete sense, and with Jeremy in medical school I knew we couldn’t get engaged for a while. (As much as I wanted us too.)

The next morning, we left for the airport at 3:15 AM. His sweet parents agreed to drive us, and little did I know they were aware of the plan the whole time! We took a small plane to France, and took the train into Paris. The Eiffel Tower was the first thing I wanted to see! We walked through the crowds and toured around. I stopped to take a few pictures, but Jeremy kept encouraging me that the best view was on the grass. As we made our way over there, I turned and saw a couple walking towards us. I asked Jeremy if I should ask them to take our picture, and he casually told me I could if I wanted. Nervously, I asked. The man happily agreed and took my phone. As I turned around I found Jeremy a little farther away from me. I walked over to him and noticed a little box in his hand! I asked, “What are you doing?” To which he replied, “We’re doing this!” and proceed to ask me to marry him! It was the absolute best. Of course, I quickly said yes! And the man with my iPhone continued to capture the moment. We have SO many pictures. It’s wonderful. We took the day to tour France and then took a plane back to England that night. It was a wonderful whirlwind trip, but I can’t imagine anything more wonderful for me.

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