Bethany and Jeremy

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How We Met

Jeremy and I met in Oxford, England while we were studying abroad. When I met Jeremy I was completely smitten by his light, crystalline-blue eyes and great sense of humor. He remembers loving my take-charge attitude and avid participation in class discussions on British literature. We bonded over our shared love of history, eating our weight in scones, and sneaking into nearby colleges to visit their gardens. When we returned stateside we had a long distance relationship for nine months while we finished at our respective colleges and then moved in together.

how they asked

Early one morning Jeremy suggested we perform our Saturday ritual: getting coffee at our favorite place, visiting the farmer’s market and walking a nearby nature preserve. However I, with my x-ray vision, spied something unusual in his pocket. I asked him about it. He feverishly denied there was anything in his pocket, and then left the room. Until that second, it never occurred to me the item in his pocket was a ring! When he re-emerged his pocket was empty and I slinked off to get us coffees to go. After a day of anticipation (and me kicking myself for spoiling his earlier plans,) Jeremy proposed that night while we were sitting on our couch.

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Special Thanks

Athena Kalindi
 | Engagement photos (pictured)
Blue Nile
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