Bethany and Jason

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How We Met

Jason was actually one of the very first people I met my first week of college, my freshman year at Middle Tennessee State University! During orientation, my orientation leader and I got to become really close friends at the time and she went to high school with Jason. Her boyfriend was also close with Jason, so Jason was at her house everyday to hang out with her boyfriend, and I was at her house everyday to hangout with her! We began our relationship as close friends, and he’ll tell you that he thought there was no chance, but I on the other hand felt the same way seeing how he was (and is) always the guy that everyone in the town looked up to and who everyone was always the most excited to see. He seemed way too good to be true! But one day after a long day of tests, I accidentally fell asleep on his shoulder on the couch and when I woke up, that was the first time we kind of looked at each other like there was something more. After that there was no in between; when we started dating that October of 2013, we hit the ground running and quite literally FELL in love.

This is the first picture we took together:


By December 3, 2013, we knew that we’d actually found each other (and later on found out that on that same day, we had both told our parents that we had found the one) and by the GRACE of our King, he is finally going to be my husband.

how they asked

My parents had planned a cruise for my 21st birthday, and said I could invite friends on it!! So I invited only my closest girlfriends, my sisters, and then of course, Jason.

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Monday was the first formal night on the cruise, and all my friends knew I had this red dress I was SO excited to wear, so they all lied to me and told me that this was the MOST formal night on the cruise (which I didn’t find out wasn’t true until weeks later) so that I would wear the red dress! So we decided we’d spend a while getting ready that night. One of my friends who is a film major is ALWAYS filming everything, so I didn’t think anything of it while she was filming all of us get ready! Then we went to the dinner, and after the dinner they all surprised me and started singing happy birthday to me and brought out a cake, and gave me a card they had all signed! (Y’all, i was literally already crying at the card) So then, they tell me they are all going to go around the table and share what they all love about me?!?!?! WHAT?!! And I’m still thinking this is all just for my 21st birthday!! He used my love language (words) and they all poured out the most heartfelt thing they could possibly say, especially considering that they all knew what was just about to happen. So, after everyone went, Jason was the last one. When he started talking, my heart started racing and I thought, “Is he about to…..oh wait NO he doesn’t have a ring.” Y’all, I was SO 300% SURE he didn’t have a ring!!!

“So I guess I get to go, I’m just so thankful for you. Especially since the first time we met, I was in such a dark place. You were able to open your arms to me and just love me and help me find God again, and I’ve just never had anybody in my life like that. And there’s nobody else that I would rather be with. I really just want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me, baby?”

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He pulled out the most Bethany Grace ring I could have ever imagined, and I’m pretty sure somewhere in between all of my Kardashian ugly cries, I was able to squeal out a “yes.” My dream man actually proposed and I actually get to keep him, for eternity. Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever dreamed up a man like this, and he’s asking to keep ME.

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