Bethany and James

How We Met

Jimmy and I both attended college at Troy University (Go Trojans!!!) and met at some point during our freshman year. We had the same group of friends that year, but we had never really hung out until we went on a canoe trip with his fraternity before returning to Troy for our sophomore year. Thankfully, I ended up riding in his canoe! After that trip, we became better friends as the semester began and he got my number which helped progress our friendship.

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Jimmy has always been so thoughtful and he eventually asked me to be his girlfriend in early November 2014 after taking me star gazing! You could say the rest is history!

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how they asked

Jimmy is originally from Panama City and received a job with a company in Panama City after graduating in May, but they had him at their Pensacola office for the summer in Pensacola. My sister lives in Pensacola so I decided to live there for the summer as well and work before returning to Troy to finish my degree in the fall. My best friend, Lainey, put the idea in my head in June that we were going to go visit a few friends that were living in Panama City Beach before the summer ended but I did not think it would actually happen with how busy we both were every weekend. A few weeks later Lainey texts me with all the details planned for us to go to PCB on Saturday, July 22 and to invite Jimmy to come along! When I told Jimmy about the weekend, he said he wanted to stay in Pensacola on Friday night so we could go to the Art Festival that was supposed to be downtown that weekend.

That put up a few red flags because he doesn’t even like art, so I started thinking he was going to propose on Friday night and our “dinner with friends” on Saturday was going to be a party to celebrate! During the weeks leading up to the weekend, Jimmy and Lainey were so chill and normal that I started to think I was crazy about a proposal happening on that Friday night but I still got all dressed up and wore a new outfit for us to got downtown for the Art Festival. Needless to say, I was very disappointed when we got home that night and nothing had happened. Jimmy even told me that he did not have money for a ring and I needed to be patient for a little longer! On Saturday, we had the most relaxed morning and got to go to breakfast and slowly get ready for what I was now convinced was just an overnight trip to visit friends and stay with his parents. On our way to Panama City for our 5:00 dinner reservations, Lainey texts me to say that dinner had been postponed until 6:30 because more people had wanted to come to the dinner!

I got so annoyed because we were driving 3 hours just to go to dinner, but Jimmy said he knew of somewhere we could stop that was on the way to kill some time! Anyone that knows me well, knows that I love Seaside, FL with my whole heart and I have always wanted to get married at the Seaside Chapel. Seaside is also one of our favorite places to visit on off days and just walk through the town. So when Jimmy pulled onto 30A, I just knew he was taking me to Seaside! We parked and Jimmy told me to take him 655 (my favorite house to look at in Seaside, that also happens to be right by the Chapel). Still completely oblivious, I led us right to the house and the Chapel. We went to the courtyard beside the Chapel and Jimmy points to a book on one of the benches and suggested we check it out! He goes and sits down and picks up what I then realized was a Bible and asked me to sit with him! I immediately went into shock and just remember thinking “There is no way this is real!!!!”

He read me 1st John 4:7-19 about God’s love and Ephesians 5:25 about how husbands are called to love their wives. Jimmy then got down on one knee, pulls the ring box out of his sock and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes!!! I was in complete shock and over the moon that the sweetest man I know asked me to spend forever with him!

We got to spend the next hour walking around Seaside and soaking in the moment. We then drove to his parents house where a party with some of our dearest friends was waiting! It was truly the best day of my life thus far and I am so immensely blessed that I get to spend forever with my jimjam!

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