Bethany and Dillon

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How We Met

Dillon and I’s story starts when we met in middle school. We helped the same teacher during our off period and started to get to know each other. We really became friends in high school when our English teacher sat us next to each other our sophomore year. I had a crush on him but I wasn’t sure if he really liked me. We would flirt in class and our teacher would joke about us dating. I was hoping he would ask for my phone number but he never did. I assumed he wasn’t interested and moved on, I started dating a boy on the swim team with me and he started dating the wresting team manager.

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I worked at the city pool and he was working on the fire department, we would spend my lunch breaks at the Wendy’s sharing Frosty’s. He asked me to be his girlfriend at the end of the summer, and he told me he had a crush on me since that English class sophomore year, when he was to afraid to ask me on a date. I dated that same boy until we graduated high school and then we broke up. As it turns out Dillon was single at the time as well, he sent me a message and asked to get lunch. We caught up and spent the entire summer together after graduation.

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After that summer I started school at Purdue University and he stayed in our hometown working and attending IUPUI. Through those four years we would see each other on the weekends and would spend our summers traveling. Our first trip was to Yellowstone National Park, and from then on our destinations have been getting further away. I am a hobbyist photographer and I love finding new ways to capture our travels together. .

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how they asked

Dillon and I started to plan a vacation to Glacier National Park, when I found some cheap tickets to Iceland. I made a spur of the moment choice and begged him to agree to go with me. After he agreed to go, we started saving money and acquiring camping equipment and marking sights we wanted to see. Since I am a photographer myself, I have some other photographer friends who I met through social media. One of those friends Daniel Alecio, is a photographer based in Indianapolis and specializes in weddings and engagements. I saw that he had planned a trip to Iceland for the same time we would be there!

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I messaged him saying that we should meet up while we are there to take photos together. He asked who I was going with, and I said my boyfriend and he then asked if he could do a couple shoot of us while we were there, because that had been something that he wanted to do as an artist. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to tell Dillon, I went and bought a dress and everything. I don’t model in front of the camera very often. Little did I know that Dillon had contacted Daniel and let him know about his plan to propose to me while we were there. Once we met him at Skogafoss, Daniel posed us for several photos and had us back to back for one photo. I turned around for the next one and Dillon was down on one knee!

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I was so surprised and elated that Daniel could capture the moment for us. We got to spend the next two weeks together in Iceland celebrating our engagement, it was perfect.

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Special Thanks

Daniel Alecio
 | Photographer