Bethany and David

Image 1 of Bethany and David

My now-fiancé, David, and I planned a trip to Boston (my favorite city) with my best friend to celebrate my friends’ birthday over the 4th of July weekend (my favorite holiday). Little did I know, the two of them were really conspiring behind my back and he brought a ring!

We had been talking for a couple of months about getting married in 2017 after he finished school, and had even looked at rings together at his family jeweler. I asked jokingly if he was planning on proposing to me at the Red Sox game in Boston, and he said that he had spoken to the jeweler and it would be 4-6 weeks before the ring even came in. I was so excited at the thought of being engaged by the end of the summer!

David lives 4 hours away, and he was coming to my house to pick my friend and I up. He showed up super early and asked for my dad’s blessing while I was at work! We left that night and drove down to Boston. When I went inside to use the bathroom at a rest stop, he quickly filled my best friend in on his plans to propose, telling her to be ready with my camera to get lots of photos.

The next morning, we got up early and took the T into the city. I had a whole itinerary planned to show them around all my favorite sites (lived there for 3 years after college). After about an hour, we ended up at the harbor, and my friend started taking all these cute/funny pictures of us, just goofing off.

Image 2 of Bethany and David

Then David took my hand and pulled me off to a more secluded spot where there were no people, and asked for a few more pictures. But he said I had to close my eyes because he had to give me a present first!!

Image 3 of Bethany and David

I was SO confused, because I had been totally convinced by the story about the ring not coming in for 4-6 weeks! I didn’t even guess that he was going to propose. But when I opened my eyes, he was there on one knee! I freaked out and kept saying “oh my goodness” over and over and over.

Image 4 of Bethany and David

I am VERY hard to surprise and I’m so thankful that he made the proposal literally everything I had ever wanted, from getting my dad’s blessing to having someone there to take photos.

Image 5 of Bethany and David

We are getting married on July 2, 2017, exactly 365 days after that magical day in Boston!?