Bethany and David

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At my parents home

How We Met

We actually met on a dating app a couple of years ago. I swiped right on him because I liked his beard and because he had the cutest dog ever. After a couple of weeks of texting, we met, and it turned out that he had shaved his beard off and that the dog that I had planned on making my new best friend – wasn’t his at all! It was his friends. We laughed about it then, and we still joke about it to this day. We had our first date on a Sunday, and our second date on Monday, and every day after that we have spent figuring out our life together. We ended up moving in together after just 6 weeks of dating – which was, admittedly, a bit of an adjustment – and everything else fell into place so perfectly. Every day after the day that we met, has been the best day of my life.

How They Asked

David asked me to marry him on Christmas Day, which is my favorite day of the year. We had been talking about it for a while, so I had a feeling it was going to happen soon, but he still managed to surprise me. We were at my parents’ house for Christmas and I was stood in their bathroom finishing up my hair when he came up the stairs and just started hovering around. I finished getting ready and tried to walk out of the bathroom, but he stopped me. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him right in the doorway of the bathroom. I started crying and then, of course, I said yes. He later told me that he had asked for my dad’s blessing on Christmas Eve and that he had been planning on proposing in front of my parents, but had gotten too excited. The fact that he couldn’t wait, somehow makes it even more perfect.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At my parents home