Bethany and Christen

How We Met

Where do I begin? Christen and I, first laid eyes on each other in 5th grade! We were both each others first crushes. Shortly after 5th grade, we had lost contact. In 2010, Chris reached out to me via Facebook. I was so caught up in life, I didn’t really pay mind to him. September 2012, Chris made another attempt to grab my attention and this time he had my full attention. We chatted for weeks and catched up on all that we missed in the years between 5th grade and now and had set a date to meet! September 29th, we had our first date. Who would of thought, that first date would change my life completely! We spent the whole day together and went out later that night to celebrate his best friends birthday at a local bar. Shortly after midnight on Sept 30th, Chris asked me to be his girlfriend and I said YES! Haha spontaneous much? Let’s just say our relationship has been full of surprises since! We have now been together 3.5 yrs and just last month, March 21st, 2016 I became his fiancé. It’s real, I am going to marry my 1st crush!

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how they asked

The past 3 and half years have been the best days of my life because I have shared it with the man of my dreams. Christen, first gave me butterflies in the 5th grade and now continues to do so 16yrs later. Chris recently surprised me with a trip to Puerto Rico. I have never been and it has always been a trip I wanted to take. Little did I know that this trip would be one to remember and never forget. On our 3rd day in Puerto Rico, March 21st 2016, Chris had plans to take me somewhere special. It was also his Grand parents 51st wedding anniversary and we were spending the day with them. The plan was to celebrate their anniversary and have a photo shoot. We arrived at El Faro de Cabo Rojo, which was absolutely breath taking. The history, the scenery, everything about this place truly left me speechless. Chris said he had found a spot which was sort of hidden but had a beautiful view for pictures. We arrived to the puente de piedra, we walked to the beautiful rock that stood above the water and took it all in as our wonderful photographer snapped photos of us. Nothing can compare to how alive I felt in that moment, I was on a beautiful island with the man of my dreams and not a worry in the world. While taking in all the beauty, Chris turns me to face him and tells me how much his loves me. He then said the words that made me speechless, “I loved you since the 5th grade”, he stared at me with a stare full of emotions, he then got down to one knee and started to slide my promise ring off and it was at that moment that I realized he was going to ask me the question I had been waiting for all this time, he asked me to marry him! I have never experienced so much joy in my life. I could not stop crying and even now the thought of that day brings me to tears because I know for the rest of my life, I will be as happy as he made me on the day he asked me to be his wife.

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