Bethany and Chris

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How We Met

I met Chris over…can you guess? A dating app called Bumble and for those who are familiar with the app, the girl has to initiate the conversation after a match. When I saw Chris (no lie) I had a really good feeling as cliche as that sounds. Now the waiting game began, and to my surprise, we matched and he quickly responded. Chris was different; he didn’t reply to me with the basic dating app response of “Hey, What’s Up?”. He was very intentional, genuine, and knew how to keep the conversation going. To my luck, Chris was visiting Arizona for work and was only in town for one day. He had a flight back home to California the next day and wouldn’t be back in town for another month or so. Of course, this seemed impossible to me, and I thought to myself “This is perfect, but how will this ever work? I swore off long distance”. Time has a funny way of playing itself out people, because after he asked me if he could text me the next day (which I thought was very sweet), we continued talking every day for a month until he finally came back into town.

how they asked

To be completely honest, Chris and I had gone ring shopping 3 months prior to the proposal, however, I had no idea if he ever returned to the store for the ring, when he was going to propose, and where he was going to propose. I’m not the easiest person to surprise and neither do I like surprises, but it was so important for Chris to surprise me this one time, which I respected and appreciated. So here’s how it happened…

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A week prior to the proposal, his sister, Erika, had asked me if I wanted to go take pictures the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This was not uncommon, because we both loved photography, exploring new areas, and taking pictures. She offered to do my makeup, so I drove over to their parent’s home in Allen, Texas before we went to take pictures. I had no idea what to expect. While driving to our “photography spot”, I noticed that we started to drive closer to an area I was familiar with, but I quickly brushed off the thought of possibly being proposed to, because she said she had a friend who recommended the area. As Erika was showing me pictures from her camera, I noticed a shadow approaching us…

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To my surprise, it was Chris who was handsomely dressed up. His sister started to back up and continued to take pictures. As I looked down at his hand, I immediately noticed a box and was in complete shock and so happy. I backed up and didn’t know what to do.

As he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, I couldn’t help but smile and tear up, because I knew the day I have fervently prayed for: to say yes to the man I would marry had finally happened.

We are so thankful for Chris’s brother and sister, Jake and Erika, who helped Chris create and document this special day!