Bethany and Chad

How We Met

Chad and I met in high school. I was probably the shyest kid there, and he was VERY popular — all the girls had a crush on him. I knew a lot about Chad and had a HUGE crush on him for years before he even knew I existed! We officially met one day in Spanish class, when the teacher stopped the lecture to rearrange the seating chart because Chad was in trouble for talking (again). Probably the most embarrassing moment of my time in high-school was when the teacher said: “Chad, I’m putting you in the back corner, and the only person I’m putting next to you is Bethany because we all know she’s too shy to talk to you.” I was so embarrassed that the teacher told my crush I was too shy to talk to him, that I made a promise to myself that I would stop being shy.

I didn’t know it until years later, but at that moment Chad also made a goal for himself: to get me in trouble for talking in class. After a few weeks, both goals were accomplished! I walked into class confident talking to anyone, including Chad, and he got me called out multiple times for talking to him during lecture. During this time, we discovered that we genuinely enjoyed each other’s company! And our first date was set so that we could continue hanging out once summer started. It wasn’t always easy though, dating a popular guy that lots of girls had a crush on. I would often get comments about our relationship, and girls continued to flirt with him when I wasn’t looking. Once I even got a comment from a girl in the bathroom that she “just didn’t think it would last” between him and me! But through all of the comments and drama, Chad and I enjoyed each other’s company even more and fell deeper in love. We eventually moved away to college together, and the rest is history!

Bethany and Chad's Engagement in Rattlesnake Ledge, Washington

Where to Propose in Rattlesnake Ledge, Washington

How They Asked

Our first date was a hike to the top of a mountain in our hometown that overlooks a beautiful lake. We will never forget the hike up together (talking the whole time), or watching the beautiful view from the top together. When it came time for Chad to propose, he decided that it should not only be beautiful and fun, but meaningful. We had a photoshoot planned during our spring break road trip from California to Washington, and the location we chose just happened to be a place that had a trail up to the top of a mountain that overlooks a beautiful lake. Before we even got there, during the entire road trip Chad had planned multiple sentimental surprises for me— including a reunion with one of my best friends from high school, and a message in a bottle scavenger hunt on the beach! Our final destination was the lake in Washington.

So as we talked the entire way up the mountain, and saw the most beautiful view we’d ever seen, it reminded me a lot of our first date. Already full of emotions and memories, we started to take pictures with our photographer. Chad knew he wanted to propose up there, overlooking the view, but he wanted it to be private— just like our first date.

There were about 15 people at the top when we got there, but he found a small ledge, hidden from people who were standing up top, so the two of us, and our photographer, scaled down a steep ledge to a PERFECT, private spot. As we enjoyed the view in the quiet, away from onlookers, he got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. I am so happy to have said yes in a place that reminds us so much of where we started, and how far we have come!

Special Thanks

Darian Kaia
 | Photographer