Bethany and Brian

How We Met: Brian and I met in college at Stockton College in New Jersey. He and I had mutual friends, but we had never met and were set up by a mutual friend in 2007. Immediately we knew that this relationship was special, it was so different from any other we’d had in the past.

Over the years, our relationship overcame so much – a struggle while I changes careers and Brian’s hardships after losing his best friend to a tragic illness.

how they asked: In December 2014 we made plans to celebrate his birthday in Philadelphia, made dinner plans and booked a hotel room. After dinner, Brian said “let’s take a picture by the tree” and asked a man to take a picture of us. He asked me the easiest question ever and I ssaid YES!!

Image 1 of Bethany and Brian
Image 2 of Bethany and Brian