Bethany and Aaron

How We Met: We met when I was in 6th or 7th grade, I was 13 & he was 15. His sister, Brooke, & I cheered together for an allstar traveling team. He was always around when we traveled from competition to competiton & although he was older than me & went to another school I had the biggest crush on him. & he knew it. We started dating back then, around the start of middle school & continued dating on and off for the next 7 years until my freshman year of college. He left for the army when I was 17, & was eventually stationed in Germany.. We thought it’d never work with that kind of distance between us, but he came home on leave for Christmas & I couldn’t help but stop by his welcoming home party.. We’re our undeniable love for eachother was inevitable. We started dating again, this time for good.

how they asked: He’d been stationed in Germany for a little less than 2 years & was finally home on leave. I couldn’t have been happier to just finally have him home after 7 long months since I last saw him. One of the days he was home he asked me to dress nice because we had reservations at a SUPER FANCY restaurant. I was so excited, Aaron isn’t usually the type to dress up or go on fancy dates!! So we went to Pittsburgh & rode the incline to the top of mt. Washington. He told me to ask a stranger to snap a picture of us, all dressed up with the beautiful background of the water & the city. {after hesitating a long while about handing my camera to a stranger} I did so, & no sooner did I turn around to find my handsomely dressed boyfriend on one knee in front of me reaching out for my hand.. My heart was racing, I was so excited to say yes I almost cut off his big proposal speech he has planned! I couldn’t ask for a more incredible man, or a better proposal!