Beth Ann and Taylor

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How We Met

Taylor and I had ironically been in the same town even the same building multiple times and never crossed paths. In fact he had no idea I even existed. My first day at a college about 20 min away from my home town right before the last class of the day, I walk down the sidewalk and hear a conversation between two guys who were discussing me being the same religion as they were. I instantly turned around when they introduced them selves. One of the guys that day was Taylor. We struck up a small conversation before i had to go to reach my last class on time. All day this conversation had played over in my mind. The next day I get a Facebook request from a guy named Taylor, the guy I had just met the day before. I instantly accepted and a few minutes after I got a Facebook message saying ‘Hey’. We talked the rest of that day when that night he asked me if he could have my number. The rest is history. We have talked every day since and have spent almost everyday together since August 18, 2014.

how they asked

Taylor had purchased my ring December of 2014 which means he bought it after only two months of dating.I didn’t know that he had bought it so A few months after he purchased the ring, he wanted me to see if I liked it so he made up this story about his friend buying it for his girlfriend in Georgia and sent me a picture and I fell in love with the ring. Well after that I he forgot about the ring. When we went to look at rings I always told him I wanted to find one like Jakes ring which was the guy he told me bought it but we never found anything like it so I picked out some kind of with the same similar style. The night before he proposed, my friend text me and asked if I wanted to spend the day with her since I was on spring break. Of course i said said sure that’d be awesome so on March 15 we went around the world. She was actually in charge of keeping me busy and keeping me out of the town I live in while Taylor went all over the world to prepare the venue. My mom my sister and I were suppose to go walking that afternoon so I had to go back to my house to get some extra clothes. Almost as soon as I left Taylor called me and said that he was getting off earlier than he was suppose to, to dress supper nice and he’d get us reservations to eat since our anniversary which was that next Saturday and he has to work so my friend had to take me all the way back in town to pick my car up at her house and I had to go back to my house and start getting ready. He calls me and says his pants ripped and he needed to run to the store but to meet him at his house at 6:30 so when I got here we were just sitting and talking which was actually stalling time for the photographer to get there. Bout 6:45 he says alright let’s go eat so we get in the car and end up where I always wanted my wedding which is an awesome venue downtown and we get out and I grab my purse and keys and he said you don’t need them your car will be fine just leave them. So we walk up to the venue and he was it decorated BEAUTIFULLY and he grabs my hands and of course Starts talking to me and starts tearing up. He then gets down on one knee with this crazy awesome ring box and pops out “Jakes ring”. I said is that jakes ring he said its been yours since 2014.I just wanted to make sure it was perfect so I had to come up with a way for you to see it. Of course I said yes and a lot of my family’s and friends were all there to witness and he had a table of food and my favorite sweets waiting after and our photographer to finish pictures. It was the most perfect and amazing night and was way more than I ever imagined.

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This is the venue that had big light up letters of the grooms last name and he stood in front of this table and proposed.

This is the venue that had big light up letters of the grooms last name and he stood in front of this table and proposed.

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This is the refreshment table that included lots of bakery candy, cake pops, fresh fruit, diet cokes, chocolate covered strawberries, and home made chocolate oatmeal cookies.

Special Thanks

Grant Garr
 | Photographer
Dawn Laster
 | Decorater