Beth and Zach

how we met

How Zach and I met will always be one of my favorite stories. We met on September 21, 2012 through a mutual friend. It was a Friday night at Indiana University. The mutual friend and I were planning on spending a night in watching youtube videos and playing with his lizard.

The mutual friend and I lived in the same dorm complex in different buildings, with a grassy area with picnic tables between our buildings. As the friend and I began walking from my building to his, he recognized a few guys from his floor sitting at the picnic table, one of which being Zach, and wanted to introduce himself.

Being an introverted freshman in college, I was nervous to introduce myself, so I stood in the background as the friend started to casually talk with them. Zach, obviously in awe of my beauty (JK), turned to me and asked me what my name was. After answering him, he said, “Wow, Beth. That’s a gorgeous name.” I don’t remember how I responded, but I’m sure it vas cringe worthy. And the rest was history!

Beth's Proposal in Kentucky

Beth and Zach's Engagement in Kentucky

Where to Propose in Kentucky

how they asked

On July 2, 2017 Beth and I ventured out to Red River Gorge in Stanton Kentucky. I had been very eager for this trip as I knew I was going to ask Beth to marry me here. We have always loved the outdoors and exploring new places, so it made perfect sense in my head that I would propose while we were doing something that we enjoyed so much.

I had a hike in my mind, it took us to one of the highest points in the gorge (The Indian Staircase). When we got to the top of the staircase, I asked Beth if she wanted to take a picture, she said yes and I began setting up the tripod. I told Beth I was going to put my phone on a timer so that we could take a picture. Instead I began recording a video and I took my place at her side. I gave it my best pose for a couple seconds and then I began to reach in my pocket and explain to Beth how much she meant to me. I dropped to one knee and Beth began to get a tad bit hysterical. “ARE YOU SERIOUS” she exclaimed. “SHUT UP, SHUT UP!”

She said yes, and the feeling that followed was indescribable. I was so happy that we were now partners in our many adventures to come.

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