Beth and Paul

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How We Met

Beth’s side of the story: These days it seems like everyone I meet either met on a dating website/app themselves or knows of several people who have found love from one. I was pretty hesitant of them for a while, even when they were becoming quite popular. However, after graduating college, and moving back in with my parents to save some money, I decided to give in to my friends’ never-ending requests for me to join one. In the next few months that followed, I had my fair share of duds and awkward dates. Fail after fail left me feeling hopeless and like maybe this wasn’t the way I would find someone. Then one day a friend from work and I decided to both try We’d found a deal for a free month so I figured I would give it a chance.

After a few days of being on the site, a guy named Paul messaged me. I don’t remember much of what he said, but I do know it was the longest message I had ever received on a dating site. I was instantly intrigued since it was different from the typical “hey, what’s up?” messages I’d received over the last few months. We eventually exchanged numbers and talked for about a week before deciding to meet up in person.

For our first date we went to a restaurant near my apartment. I wore my hair natural (curly) that day and didn’t think too much about my outfit. For every other date, I made sure to straighten my hair as I didn’t want my frizzy, unruly hair to be the first thing these guys would see. It wasn’t that I was uninterested in Paul, but more that after months of dating fails, this was sort of my last effort at this whole thing before I would take a break.

We had a great first date. There were three things that stuck out about Paul. The first two things I remember thinking when I left were that he was a good height and he had a niece and nephew he loved very much. The third was that I lived in Dallas, but he actually lived in Arlington. Arlington and Dallas are about 30 minutes apart, on a good day. As we begun dating we both learned that driving between Dallas and Arlington in five o’clock traffic was not on our list of favorite things to do. However, we quickly realized that we must really like each other if we were leaving work, and sitting in an hour of traffic, just to spend a couple of hours together.

The months went on and as Paul began to meet my friends and family, I knew he was someone that would be around for a while. I mean, after all, he said he liked my natural hair, and when you find a guy who likes that, you cannot let him go. After much consideration, he decided to move from Arlington to Dallas so we could spend more time together. I did my best to allow him to make this decision for himself, but I would be lying if said I wasn’t beyond excited for him to be closer to me.

Paul is calm, genuine, and the nicest person I have ever met. I hear it has something to do with him being from Nebraska, and after visiting Nebraska with him, I must agree. He likes to cook and, against my mother’s will, I have never really learned to cook, so that was another added bonus for me. I always knew that the man I would spend forever with would have to be very special and Paul is that man. It is not easy putting up with my sassiness, dislike for nature, and dry sense of humor yet Paul does it with a smile on his face and the biggest amount of love in his heart. Each day I am amazed at how he loves me so well.

how they asked

Paul’s side of the story: Now for people who know me, they know that I’m not a very organized person. My apartment is always a mess with dirty dishes and laundry all over the place. At work I take most of my notes on post-its, which means I have about 40 post-it notes spread out on my desk. While my organization skills are lacking (to say it nicely) the thought of getting to ask Beth to spend the rest of her life with me made me bring my A game.

For anyone who knows Beth, she can be a very skeptical person. This trait is something that comes in very handy when I want to go to a sketchy restaurant, but it’s a trait that makes surprising her next to impossible.

To surprise Beth I decided to tell her that I had a work party at Reunion Tower on June 17th. Knowing that just telling her that would arouse suspicion, I used my Photoshop skills and created a screenshot of an email from someone at the office inviting us to this work party.

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We took an Uber to Reunion Tower and went to will call to pick up our tickets. Unfortunately, the person with our tickets said how they were waiting for us which made Beth pause for a moment. However, I was able to be quick on my feet and told her I must’ve been told the wrong time that the party started at.

One of Beth’s favorite things about me (though she may say otherwise) is whenever I walk her to her car, I make sure to tell her how lucky we are to live in such a big city with a cool skyline. My plan was to say that line right before I got down on a knee. Unfortunately, when we were about 20 feet from the spot I was going to propose at, Beth said how she was surprised I hadn’t told her how lucky we were to live in such a great city yet.

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Ten more steps further and I finally could have this weight lifted off my shoulder. In all honesty, I never had a doubt in my mind that Beth would say yes. My nerves were just ones of pure excitement over the fact that somehow I was going to be lucky enough to marry the woman of my dreams.

I finally got down on one knee and told Beth how much I loved her and how lucky I was to have her in my life.

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Whenever I imagined getting down on a knee, I always pictured myself being nervous. I thought I would struggle with what I should say and that I would just feel awkward being down on my knee in front of all these people. But when I got down to propose to Beth, I didn’t have any anxiety over what I’d say or how I’d look. I was just so happy to be at this point of my life with Beth. So after I told Beth all of this I asked her if she would marry me and, without hesitation, she said yes. Then she said I love you. Then she said I’m sorry I wore lipstick.

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We continued the celebration, and my evening full of surprises, when I drove her to her parents’ house for what she thought was just dinner but was actually a party with all of our friends and family.

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Having everyone we love there to celebrate with us was the perfect ending to a wonderful night!

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