Beth and Patrick

how we met

We were both working part time with a catering company on the weekends, and worked at a lot of weddings! Patrick would work in the kitchen and Beth was a server. There was definitely a spark igniting every time we worked together! We both wanted to know more and get to know each other.

I knew Patrick was the one on our third date. I lived in town in Lancaster, PA, and we walked a few blocks to the local pub for a few drinks. During the walk back late that night, we stopped and sat for a while on a park bench, and just talked for a long time. His arm was around me and my head on his shoulder. I knew then that he would always be my sweetheart.

how they asked

The proposal was an adorable flop! Patrick had an elaborate plan to surprise Beth with a proposal in front of his friends on his birthday. He said that would be the best birthday gift! He had the ring and the plan in place. Beth found a piece of mail one day addressed to Patrick, and of course decided to open it. Patrick arrived right as she was ripping it open. They both realized at the same time that it was a bill from the jeweler where he bought the ring. Oops! Beth knew, and Patrick knew that Beth knew. Patrick was so flustered because his plan was ruined, and Beth felt awful. After a few hours, Patrick got down on his knee in the kitchen and asked Beth to marry him!

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