Beth and Nathan

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How We Met

Nathan and I attended grade school together, from 4-K all the way to graduation. We hardly spoke to each other, but I always thought he was cute. We ended up at the same university, where to my surprise, he was my cousins roommate. I had a tough time adjusting to college life away from home, but Nathan was my life saver. Honestly, if it wasn’t for him I don’t know that I would have ever made it through college. I struggled adjusting to three-a-day soccer practices and eating food from the cafeteria. Nathan and I always had dinner together in the cafeteria with my cousin.

One day, my cousin wasn’t on campus so Nathan and I were alone together in the cafeteria. As we were walking in, about to scan our cards for a meal in the cafeteria, I was complaining about how horrible the food was going to be and suggested we take a trip to Waffle House. To this day, we consider our first date to be to the Waffle House. We fell in love almost immediately. It was like as long as he was around, I didn’t have anything to worry about. He was at most soccer games holding a “Go Beth!” sign and we had dinner together most nights. He helped me study and I helped him study. We survived college together.

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how they asked

In 2013, our 2nd Valentine’s Day together, I gave him a scrapbook of all the memories we shared together. I left a few pages blank at the end and left a note inside that said the pages were reserved because the best is yet to come. Three years and some change later, on July 16, 2016, Nathan invited me to go on a breakfast picnic. I didn’t think anything out of the ordinary was going on. I woke up, grumpy because it was so early, and changed into some athletic shorts and a t-shirt. I wasn’t given much detail about this picnic so I figured what I had on was appropriate. My mom caught me in athletic shorts and said “What if it’s a police picnic or something? What if it is with his parents?” I panicked and changed into a sundress. Nathan came to pick me up and drove us to Hatcher Gardens. He had thought out every detail. He walked me to the most beautiful spot in Hatcher Gardens, placed a blanket down for us to sit on, and brought a picnic basket with Panera muffins, milk, and orange juice. We sat, talked, and ate breakfast. Then, he told me he had a gift for me. I sat, opened the gift, and to my surprise it was the scrapbook I had given him on our 2nd Valentine’s Day.

He had completed the scrapbook and filled in the last pages. As I was sitting, looking at the scrapbook full of all of the memories we have shared, all I could think of is how good of a man I have. I was thinking how thoughtful and wonderful he is and how lucky I am to have him. As I neared the end of the scrapbook, I noticed a picture without me in it. It was of Nathan and my entire family. I was confused as to where I was and even asked “Did I take this picture? Where am I?” I turned to the last page and saw a letter. He had written a letter and told me how much he loves me and how much I mean to him. At the end of the letter, in big letters, he wrote “Will you marry me?”

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I was in shock! My hands flew to my face and I laughed and cried and laughed some more. I didn’t know whether to stand or sit, so I did both several times. I said “Yes!” and he hugged me tight. He pointed out a secret photographer who had captured our entire moment together. Then it hit me. I had passed the lady on the way in and thought she looked familiar, there was a reason my mom had been pestering me about my nails, and there was a reason I needed to change clothes. I was so impressed at how every detail was thought out and how thoughtful he was.

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Special Thanks

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