Beth and Jon

Image 1 of Beth and Jon

How We Met

Our meeting story isn’t as cliche as it sounds, but yes, we technically met in a bar. In our defense, it was a Sunday morning during brunch and we were both completely sober. I was 23 and had decided to get a part time bartending job so I could “find a man.” I’m pretty sure all of my friends thought I was nuts. I was single and figured it couldn’t hurt to try, and if anything, the extra money couldn’t hurt. About a month after I started working there, I was bartending on a Sunday morning and Jon walked in with a friend.

I remember immediately thinking he was cute and wondering who he was since I’d never seen him come in before. I played up my sarcasm, and kept asking him for his song requests since I could control the jukebox through an app on my phone. I don’t think he realized that every song was costing me money, but I didn’t care! Turns out, a girl he worked with worked at the bar part time with me, and her and I already knew each other pretty well. Pretty soon, we all started hanging out in the same group of friends. After about a month of our mutual friends trying to convince him to stop being shy and ask me out, he did- and the rest is history!

how they asked

Jon and I had just had our two year anniversary a week before, and had picked out my ring about 12 weeks prior. So I obviously knew a proposal was coming, but just figured he was waiting for the perfect time to do it. He is from Kansas City, and we went there for the weekend to visit his family. When he casually mentioned that at some point during the weekend he wanted to go to this War Memorial because it had the best view of the entire city, I didn’t think much of it. We woke up Saturday morning and planned to go there around 3:00. His Mom even told us she had a baby shower to attend and didn’t know if she would see us again until the next day. Little did I know, this was the place he would get down on one knee and ask me to be his wife.

Image 2 of Beth and Jon

An added bonus was that his Mom had made the baby shower up, and was hiding out nearby watching the whole thing to go down from afar. Also, one of her friends- who I’d never met, was there casually taking pictures the entire time! I had never mentioned anything about wanting a photographer, but I am so glad he had the idea. Now we can have the pictures forever as a wonderful memory. I sure am glad I got that part time bartending job. :)