Beth and Jared

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How We Met

When I was a senior in high school, my older sister got married and moved an hour away to lead a church with new her husband. That year, she sent me a text message saying, “The man that you’re going to marry goes to our new church…”

I didn’t believe her until Jared invited me to his birthday party a year later. A night full of stolen glances from across the room led him to drive me home an hour away through the year’s biggest thunderstorm, just for the chance to talk to me. We had our first real conversation during that car ride, and it was so easy for me to open up to Jared—something that I had never experienced before. He learned about my childhood, my hopes, dreams and heartbreaks, and I learned about his time growing up in Thailand, the importance of family in his life, and his love for music.

A couple of weeks later, I got a phone call from him asking me to open my front door, and I found my favourite flower and chocolate bar sitting on my porch. He had driven over two hours just to surprise me, and within the next week we were inseparable.

In July of that summer, Jared and I took a walk to watch the sunset overlooking the water, and he gave me a hand written letter explaining why he had fallen in love with me. The end of the letter asked if I would be his girlfriend, and I had never been so sure of anything in my life. That year, we experienced the kind of summer-time romance that authors save for their best-selling books.

how they asked

In November of 2016, my sister Emily sent me a text message asking if Jared and I would like to do a “city” themed photo shoot in Downtown Toronto. Emily is a professional photographer and Jared and I had been behind her lens a few times before, so I happily obliged. Jared seemed like he was surprised when I told him Emily’s plan, so I was unsuspecting of anything other than a few posed photos in December.

When we arrived to our shoot location on December 3rd, we walked to the harbour front and Emily set us up with the Toronto cityscape behind us, surrounded by rose petals. Everything was going as planned until Jared whispered, “Do you want to marry me?” in my ear… I immediately responded with “What?” not knowing if this question was serious or not. Again, he asked, “Do you want to marry me?”

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Jared got down on one knee and started crying, and my heart swelled with love for this man’s tender heart. He said, “Elizabeth, you are the most incredible person I’ve ever met and I want to spend the rest of my life with you… Will you marry me?”

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Jared and I had joked about this moment countless times before, so I grabbed his face and asked, “Are you being serious?!” He assured me that this was the real deal—and I threw my arms around him saying “Yes!” The moment was such a blur of emotion that I realized he had actually forgotten to put the ring on—a beautiful cushion cut diamond that he had chosen himself.

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Moments later, Jared told me that his father had asked his mother to marry him in this very spot almost 25 years go. Knowing that we shared this spot with his parents, the reality of Jared’s question sunk in—I realized that we were now able to spend the rest of our lives building a beautiful marriage together, just like his mum and dad.

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We called our family and friends to share the news and revelled in the excitement of our decision. Jared and I have been engaged for almost a month now, and we are still revelling every single day.

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Special Thanks

Emily Foster
 | Photography