Beth and Chad

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How We Met

We first met in middle school, but we never really talked or saw each other much. Occasionally we would smile at each other in the hallways in High School, but that was about it. Sometime while she was in college, we crossed paths at a restaurant and said hi. Shortly after, I actually messaged her on Facebook after seeing a photograph she posted. That short “how are you” conversation eventually grew into a relationship. The first kiss came after playing her a song on guitar, and shortly after I asked her out on one of the many beach walks we took. I took her with me to a wedding to help out and gave her a camera to second shoot with, and she fell in love with wedding photography as I had. We are now business partners, and she is my assistant and second photographer at every wedding we do!

how they asked

I staged a photoshoot with her and had taken a ring shot of her ring and showed her the back of the camera. I set up cameras on tripods with a timer to capture the moment that I proposed. She never saw it coming. I actually got really nervous and didn’t say what I truly wanted to say, because I panicked when the timer went off :)

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Special Thanks

Chad Winstead
 | I shot my own proposal