Beth and Andrew

On 2/1 Andrew said lets knock out the two and become one!

Here’s the story…he told me to be ready by 5:30 because he had a date night planned for me.. He took me to an amazing dinner then he wanted to take a walk across the walking bridge overlooking downtown Nashville. We talked about how cool it was that Missouri is my home & Florida is his.. But how we met in the middle and now are making Nashville our own home, together. He told me that is why he brought me there, to overlook the city. Then I turned around and he was down on one knee. Promising me to make me the happiest woman if I would say yes and make him the happiest man. Done and done. #theOnlyTenISee #jonesingtobebeselica #andthe2shallbecome1

Image 1 of Beth and Andrew

Image 2 of Beth and Andrew