Best Proposal Ideas 2019: Our Favorite Ways to Pop the Question

When it comes to asking the most important question of your life, there are countless ways to make the moment magical. But how, exactly, do you ensure your engagement stands out from the masses and speaks to your partner’s personality and preferences? To help you on your quest for proposal perfection, today we’re offering up our favorite 2019 proposal ideas. From incredible outdoor settings to quirky-cute donut proposals (bring on the sprinkles!), we’ve got the ultimate engagement round-up below—read on for our top 10 picks of 2019.

10 best proposal ideas for 2019

  1. After a Race:

If your partner loves running, popping the question after he or she gets done with a race or marathon can be a really great option. Their adrenaline is rushing, they’ve just achieved a major accomplishment, and their emotions are at an all-time high—there’s no better recipe for proposal success (and total surprise!) than that. Need some inspiration? Check out this swoon-worthy finish-line proposal.


  1. On a Vacation:

If your partner lives for the days she can set her away message and go into vacation-mode, proposing while you’re away is a surefire way to make her swoon. We love a great vacation proposal because you’re both likely far more relaxed than you are at home, you’re probably rocking that ever-elusive vacation glow, and chances are there’s a striking setting somewhere nearby that will make for a dreamy backdrop for the magic moment (like this stunning proposal in Greece). Plus, there’s no better souvenir to return home with than a stunning engagement ring (airport mugs and cheesy t-shirts need not apply).


  1. On a Hike:

Fancy yourself outdoors enthusiasts? If so, we love the idea of proposing on a hike—especially if there’s a stunning view waiting for you at the summit. PRO TIP: Make the moment extra special by planning a great picnic the two of you can enjoy before you make your way back down the trail.


  1. With a Puppy:

What do you get when you mix dogs (man’s best friend) with diamonds (a girl’s best friend)? Total proposal success, of course. If your partner goes weak in the knees for all-things four-legged and furry, a puppy proposal should speak her language perfectly. We love the idea of having a custom dog tag or collar made that pops the question, like in this super sweet puppy proposal.


  1. Planning a Romantic Night:

We love the idea of planning the perfect romantic night for a sweet, intimate proposal—especially if your partner’s love language is all about gestures. But don’t just stop at dinner reservations—take the time to put some serious thought into ensuring this night stands out from the masses (think: a fairytale-worthy proposal setting followed by fireworks). Ideas include things like decorating an outdoor setting with dreamy market lights and flowers, playing a video of your favorite moments together, and/or having all of his or her favorite things waiting for them (their favorite song, champagne, decorations in their favorite colors, their favorite photos of the two of you placed around the setting, etc.).


  1. With Donuts:

Um, you had us at donuts. If your partner is more quirky-cool than he or she is a fairy-tale fan, then we love the idea of opting for something a little more out of the box…in a pink pastry box, of course. We’re obsessed with this donut proposal—and we love the idea of making the gesture a little more grand by ensuring you’ve planned the perfect morning to go with it (whether that’s a relaxing spa date, a walk around the park, or a mimosa bar at home).


  1. With the Kids:

If you and your partner have little ones in the picture, including her children in the proposal is a surefire way to get some serious waterworks out of the moment. Have the kiddos there as you pop the question and make them part of the proposal (they can hold signs, present a flower, or even drop to a knee with you), or have them waiting around the corner and cue them to appear once she says yes—either way, the sight of her kids will make the moment all the more magical.


  1. At Your Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party:

If your partner is pregnant and you’re planning on proposing, doing so at your baby shower or gender reveal party is the perfect way to elevate that special moment even further. She’ll have all of her favorite friends and family members around and will be in a celebratory mood—making a baby shower proposal the perfect moment to pop the question.


  1. Somewhere They’d Never Expect It:

We love the idea of letting the element of surprise drive your proposal plan—especially if your partner is someone who loves being caught off guard when it comes to life’s important moments. If you and your partner have been looking at rings lately and he or she knows a proposal is coming, then opting to pop the question somewhere they’d never expect it is a great way to ensure the moment isn’t one they saw coming…even though they knew it was going to happen some time soon. Whether you have the ring in your pocket on a walk with the dog or unexpectedly drop to your knee while you’re shopping, nothing gets us going quite like the ultimate surprise proposal.


  1. With Your Friends:

If your partner has a tight-knit friend group that she can’t imagine doing anything without, you’ll definitely want to include her besties in the proposal. We love the idea of having her closest friends hold signs that pop the question as you drop to a knee—or keep them tucked away until the moment she says yes and then have them appear as the ultimate engagement surprise. (Bonus points if you have a party planned with all of your closest friends and family immediately following the proposal.)

Still not sure which idea is right for you and your partner? Our super smart Proposal Idea Generator has you covered.