Erica and Daniel: The Best Proposal for a Foodie

It all started July 31st. I was grocery shopping for crepe ingredients at Whole Foods since I was filming a segment for DevHour TV on Friday. I stopped over at the dairy section to pick up some eggs and grabbed a dozen of brown ones. Dan looked in the cart and told me I should use white ones since he thought they looked better on camera. I insisted that brown would look better and my usually non-combative boyfriend kept pushing me to get white.

After a 10 minute argument over egg shell color in the middle of aisle 5 (yeah that actually happened), he gave in and let me get my brown eggs.

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The next day, my producer, Tony, showed up to film the segment. About 10 minutes later, Dan came home from work surprisingly early! I thought it was strange that he was wearing a full suit on a Friday (usually he’s more casual), but didn’t really think too much into it. As I’m about to start filming, my producer told me that my red shirt was too similar to the shirt I wore last time and asked me to go change. Since I was prepared and had already steam pressed 4 other shirts, it took me about 30 seconds to change. I chose a cute black top.

When I came back into the room, Dan and Tony both looked at me like I had 3 heads. They told me I needed to change again and that black wasn’t right for camera. I went back in and put on a blue shirt and came right back out. Both Tony and Dan seemed frustrated that I was changing so quickly, but again, I didn’t think much of it. I just thought they were being kind of strange.

Finally, we settled on the blue shirt and I started filming the segment on how to make crepes. The whole time we were filming I kept saying that I thought Dan was “in the shot” and kept asking him to move. I didn’t understand why he was hovering over me while I was filming. He never does that. Tony kept insisting that Dan wasn’t in the shot and asked me to keep going.

After I filmed the segment introduction, I took my vegetables over to the pan to start cooking them and when I turned back around to make the crepe batter, I noticed my brown eggs was replaced with white ones. I initially got annoyed thinking Dan was poking fun at our fight last night and trying to throw me off on camera. But when I picked up the first egg to crack it, it felt a little lighter than usual…

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That’s because Dan put my engagement ring inside.

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The foodie bride blogs at Everything Erica // Photos and Video by: Tony Arce