10 Best Places to Propose

You’ve found the love of your life and know the perfect words to say when you drop to one knee. The only thing left before popping the question is picking the best place to propose. Not to pile on the pressure, but your engagement story is one that will likely be shared for years to come with friends and family—and strangers, too!—so if ever there was a time to up the romance factor, it’s now. Read on for the top 10 romantic places to propose where your partner’s sure to say, “Yes!”

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1. Where you first met: This is one of the most romantic places to propose because it brings your relationship full circle. Whether or not you knew it at the time, your forever love story started the moment you first laid eyes on each other. Celebrate the moment they walked into your life by asking them to be your spouse in the location where your worlds collided. Use the details from that initial day to recreate your memory of meeting, be it in the classroom, at your workplace, during a party or just crossing the street.

2. The setting of your first “I love you”: While you’ve probably each said “I love you” more often than you can count, the first time those three little words were shared were the start of something big. Return to the scene where you wore your heart on your sleeve and take the next big step by asking them to marry you at this romantic place to propose.

3. Their dream wedding venue: It’s true; some have been dreaming about their weddings since they were little. From the cake to the flowers, no proposal was needed for them to know exactly what they wanted on their wedding day. If your future mate has it all mapped out, give your future Mr. or Mrs. some practice time with saying “yes” by popping the question at the place where they want to say “I do.”

4. Your first home together: They say home is where the heart is, and nowhere might that be more true than your first home together. So why not consider this as one of the best places to propose? As familiar and routine as where you live may be, it comes with many intimate memories the two of you have made together. Elevate your space with candles, photos, flowers, balloons or any other details to set a special mood.

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5. Where your significant other grew up: Choose a place to propose that holds heartfelt meaning, such as a childhood home or a cabin where summers were spent with grandparents. While you may not have a starring role in these fond memories, they’re part of their foundation and have helped to shape the person you want by your side for life.

6. A favorite date spot: If you want to pull off a true surprise, one of the best places to propose is a regular spot for the two of you. Be it a local pub, the movies, or standing date at the local farmer’s market, they won’t expect your go-to fave to be the spot where you ask if they’ll spend their life with you.

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7. Your vacation destination:Planning a getaway? Whether you’re headed out for some fun in the sun oceanside, bundling up a for ski trip in the mountains or packing the car for a cross-country road trip, popping the question in an unforgettable destination is a surefire way they’ll come home with a souvenir to be cherished for life. Be sure to read our tips on traveling with an engagement ring.

8. On the job:If they love their job, co-workers and boss, break up the workday with that all-important question. While a surprise drop-in is one sweet way to go, make it more memorable by planning your proposal based on their everyday work tasks.

9. Back to school: If you two met and dated in college, or if your significant other is just a big fan of their alma mater, consider their school as a romantic place to propose. Return to the class where you first studied up on them, find a quiet corner in the library or work some magic with the sports department to ask on the stadium’s 50-yard line.

10. Mother Nature’s way: If your dates often include hiking, biking, kayaking and exploring, great outdoors may be the best place to propose. From breathtaking waterfalls to feeling on top of the world at the peak of a cliff, Mother Nature has endless options for the perfect romantic backdrop.

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by Carrie Anton