Best Friends Get Engaged in Two Different Countries Within an Hour of Each Other (Unknowingly)

My best friend and I got engaged on the same day within the same hour!! Neither of us knew the other was getting proposed to and neither of our finances told the other they were proposing.

Now we’re both bridesmaids in each other’s weddings and we get to do all our planning together. Sharing in all the joy (and stress haha) wedding planning brings!

How our friendship began:

Catherine and I bet back in May 2012 at Kent State cheerleading tryouts. We were both a little intimidated to be trying out for a D1 school and gravitated towards one another when we both were to nervous to strip down to our sport bras haha. At the end of the day we both made the team and that’s where our friendship began. it was like we’d already known each other our whole lives.

As college began and days turned into weeks and weeks turned into years, our friendship saw everything. Library all nighters, crazy nights out and the best girls nights in. We shed some tears but shared way more laughs always reminding each other never to take life to seriously. We were always just worried about working hard to finish school and having a little fun along the way. Catherine and I never worried about finding guys or looking for “the one” we use to even joke that we didn’t need a guy to take us to breakfast because we could take each other haha. Doesn’t the old saying go “you’ll find what you’re looking for when you stop looking.” Well, that couldn’t have been more true for us! We both met our future husbands a few months apart our senior year of college. I think for both us everything just all the sudden fell into place and we were ready for our next phase of life. But I would bet If you would of told us as college sophomores that we’d be getting married right now we would of said you were crazy. It’s so funny how life works out and how much you can never plan for. I think we are both sometimes still in awe that it’s happening to us and that we get to have one last amazing experience together!

So, back to our dream proposals. On the same day.

My fiancé, Zack, planned the most incredible proposal ever. I have never been so surprised in my life! He proposed to me at the Columbus State house where we had the entire place to ourselves. He tricked me into getting dressed up and had a photographer there to capture the moment. Zack got down on one knee in the exact spot we will be married at next April (we always said if we ever got married we would want to have it at the State House and now our dreams are coming true!).

The craziest part of the whole day, however, was when I was in the car driving to the next destination for the rest of the amazing night Zack had planned!

As we are driving I get a FaceTime call from my best friend Catherine. In my mind I’m assuming Zack told her he was proposing and she’s calling to wish us congratulations. I open the FaceTime call with my left hand held up showing my ring but to my surprise SO WAS SHE. We both looked at each other crying like “wait what?!?!!” We could not believe it! We both had been proposed THE SAME DAY within the same hour!! I was in Ohio and she was on vacation in the Dominican Republic. We were in opposite sides of the world and the universe still managed to let us share in the most exciting day of our lives together!

Steve proposed to Catherine in the evening on a beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic. They shared in the special moment with Steve’s sister who created a diversion by taking picture of the two while Steve prepared to get down on one knee!

And the even crazier part was neither of our fiancés spilled the beans about proposing to anyone but our imidiate families. If possible I think they were even more shocked then we were!!! It was just the most insane, bizarre and amazing thing to ever happen to us!

(Now, our weddings are also a month apart, not planned haha)