Bess and Ross

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How We Met

I met Ross Summer of 2015 working as counselors at Camp Ozark. We met very briefly in one of the “mingle games” Camp puts on during orientation to gets the hundreds of staff introduced to each other. He left for a couple weeks after orientation, but I immediately recognized him when he came back for the start of 2nd session. He caught my attention instantly as I watched him interact with all his campers and be the goofy, fun-loving guy that he is.

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We started spending a lot of time working the Ropes Course together and getting to know each other on a particular bench each night after our working hours were over. We spent countless hours talking, laughing, eating pop tarts, and kicking off the beginning of our relationship in the middle of nowhere Arkansas in our most natural states. At the end of the summer, we knew that there was something special and decided to commit to our unlikely relationship where we lived hundreds of miles away from each other.

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how they asked

I woke up on New Year’s Eve in Houston, TX (Ross’s hometown) expecting to have a leisurely morning before Ross and I left for his family friend’s farm in Brenham. When I walked into the den, I was greeted by my longest childhood friend who had flown in from Memphis with a letter and Polaroid camera in hand. The letter was from Ross who prefaced the best day of my life, and told me to enjoy and celebrate the day with lots of pictures.

Throughout the day I was led to some of Ross’s favorite spots in Houston, where another best friend was waiting for me holding another letter from Ross. After 4 sweet reunions, full of tears, giggles, and hugs, we made our way back to Ross’s house to pick out an outfit and get cleaned up to make our way over to the farm. Upon arrival, one of Ross’s friend’s from high school took me away from my friends and drove me over to Ross. Ross stood in front of the bench where we had begun our relationship at Camp decorated with pictures of us from over the years.

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He read his last letter to me and FINALLY after much anticipation asked me to marry him. We signed our names next to our original 2015/2016 signatures and drove over to hug all our friends and family who had come to Brenham to celebrate with us.

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Special Thanks

Parker Ercums
 | Photographer