Bertha and Addison

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Taft Point, Yosemite National Park

How We Met

Me and Addy met in high school. I was bullied at my hometown high school so at the time I was living about three hours away, staying with family and going to a different school. I would come and visit on the weekends to see my parents, and would have bonfires, or “kickbacks”, what our little group of friends would call them. I eventually moved back, wanting to spend as much time with my parents before I went to college in California. The first time I met him, I immediately knew that there was something about this boy that I couldn’t shake, my crush began. Our first conversation was one I remember vividly. He had a weird blink and I commented on it, he told me he knew and that his friends don’t usually say anything; at that moment, dread filled me. I knew I had ruined any and all my chances at getting to know him. I thought, “Wow, way to go, now he hates you”. Dramatic. Fast forward 6 months, and many kickbacks later we became good friends. My crush grew more and more, seeing him in the hallways, or at the kickbacks was a practice in keep my cool. But it almost always resulted in me just making nervous conversation, and almost always putting my foot in my mouth. Prom season came around, neither of us had dates and my best friend hinted at him that he should ask me. I answered with a yes, pinching myself that I’d actually be going to prom, with a date, and that that date was him. After months of all my friends knowing of my crush, there came a night at a kickback that “truth or dare” became the game that was decided to be played. Of course, my friends took advantage, and dared him to kiss me. With a little liquid courage, I stepped up to the plate. He joked and said that if I had to do all that to kiss him then I didn’t have to do it. He just didn’t know that my anxiety had just sky rocketed and I needed all the help i could get just to even stand up. We kissed, and the rest of the night was a blur. The next night i invited him over and watch movies with me. As he was about to leave, I ran to his truck and apologized for the whole truth or dare fiasco and asked him if i could kiss him sober to show him that I didn’t need any help to kiss him. I kissed him, said bye and ran back inside as fast as I could. Who was I? Where did this smooth talking girl come from? How did I just do that? I had no idea, but i’m glad she came out. The following night, there was a meteor shower, so our group of friends came over and we all filled the backs of our pickup trucks with blankets to watch. I pulled him to the side and told him the truth, “I like you, I have for a while. Your smart, cute, funny. I just wanted to tell you. You can do whatever you want with this information”. After a moment of silence, he replied with “I like you too. You know I had been looking for a girl who’s kind, smart, and funny. Who likes the same music as me, who’s into the same interests as me.. and here you were. Right infront of me. I’m so dumb.” I jokingly replied with a “yes, yes you are.” I told him that I had never been in a relationship, that i didn’t know how to “relationship” and he agreed that he didn’t know either, but he’s willing to try. I asked him when he’d like to start, that i could set an alarm for 6AM and we can start then. Looking at the clock, it was 10:36, he suggested we start at 10:37. So we sat and anxiously waited for the second hand to hit the 12, as it did we shook hands and sealed the beginning of our 7 year long relationship. We walked back to out friends, greeted with cheers and love and spent our first night together watching the meteor shower.

How They Asked

We travel alot. Were always planning a roadtrip during the summer or planning a weekend camping trip. This summer was the ulitimate roadtrip, we were going to my dream park, Yosemite National Park. I had dreams of going to this park for years. Every picture I saw of Bridal Falls or Half Dome, took my breath away. So us, and four other friends loaded up the van and headed west. There was one hike that I had always talked about, Taft Point. It gives you spectacular views of El Capitan, Bridal Falls and put you about 7,000 ft about the valley floor. And at sunset, the view from up there turned everything golden. You felt like you were on top of the world. That day, we started out hiking through the sequoias, and spent time in the meadows, before we headed up to Taft. The whole drive to the trail head, he played nothing but love songs and sang to me, which was nothing out of the ordinary, it’s something he knows I love. We began the hike and for some reason he was in a hurry to get to the summit. Once we were there, we got into position to take a photo at the edge of the mountain. He then turned to me and begin to kiss me, and said “Im so happy were finally here. You know that I love you so so much” and proceeded to drop to one knee and ask me the question I had been dying to hear. My knees got weak and I ugly cried HARD. I answered “Absolutely, of course” in between sobs, and with his grandmother’s ring, we we’re engaged. He yelled into the canyon “SHE SAID YES!” and you could hear applause from people below, it was magical.

Bertha's Proposal in Taft Point, Yosemite National Park

Proposal Ideas Taft Point, Yosemite National Park

It was the most perfect proposal. Beyond my wildest dreams. I cannot wait to marry this man.