Bernice and Philip

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How We Met

Six years ago, Phil and I met through a blind date of sorts. Mutual friends set us up for a date function hosted by my sorority. About a month before the event, I friended Phil on Facebook and messaged him. I wanted to get to know each other before our setup. After all, he was attending a different university in a different city, so I didn’t want him to drive all this way for it to be awkward.

We ended up really hitting it off and exchanged phone numbers. We talked all day, every day. By the time the date function came around, we both really liked each other already! When we finally went on the “date,” we knew this was going to turn into something special.

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How They Asked

Flash forward 6 years and what started out as a long-distance relationship by different cities turned into long-distance by different states, turned into opposite ends of the east coast, turned into opposite ends of the world!

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Phil is deployed in Bahrain and, fortunately, I was able to visit him. Even a pandemic could not get between us! After a mandatory 2-week quarantine (thankfully he was allowed to join me for that), we spent my remaining time exploring.

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On this particular day, we decided to visit an ancient fort. Phil was in such a rush to go inside and I thought he was just super excited to explore the old military fort. When we entered, we saw these beautiful arches. Phil eagerly set up his phone on our selfie stick tripod, and again, I thought he was just excited about the fort. We started taking pictures, when next thing I know, Phil gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him! I was so surprised that I don’t even remember responding. So, if I haven’t said it enough already: “yes yes 1,000,000 times yes!!!”

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It was a perfect pandemic proposal.

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We cannot wait for Phil to finish his deployment and come home so we can start planning the rest of our lives together <3

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