Bernadette and William

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How We Met

William and I met while working at The Weather Channel in 2016. We were coworkers that became friends. On one occasion, I had asked Will to join me for lunch and ended up going to Oaxaca Taqueria in midtown. The next day, he messaged me at work, asking what we were having for lunch that day. That led to us having lunch together every day, and eventually, inviting me out with his friends outside of work for drinks. We went from being coworkers to friends and made it official on New Year’s Day 2017. For the next two years, we hid our relationship from our coworkers.

How They Asked

2020 has been a crazy year from dealing with a pandemic to losing my mom to cancer, having to vacate my childhood home, and moving to New Jersey with Will. Earlier this week, we had agreed to go on date night to one of our favorite ramen shops. Will had also mentioned wanting to go to this park in Fort Lee, where you get a view of the George Washington Bridge and NYC skyline in the background. This was also the same spot he had taken me in one of the early dates of our relationship.

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His excuse was that he wanted to take a couple of photos of the bridge. We get to the park, and after picking a spot, he sets up the camera and asks me to get in front of it so that he can frame the shot. He comes up to me and tells me to smile at the camera to take a photo. One thing led to another, and he’s on one knee with a ring on his hand and asked me to marry him. I was also surprised when I noticed Euna Park, our former colleague from the weather channel turned friend/photographer. She had been hiding in the background, capturing the moment.

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Special Thanks

Euna Park
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