Lindsay and Benjamin


How We Met

Ben and I met four years ago at the college we both attended, Clarkson University. A college basically in the middle of no where, it’s pretty common for the college students to throw parties and hang out with friends on the weekend. Ben and I had a mutual friend who dragged me over one Saturday night to go visit some of her friends. I was sitting on a futon and Ben bangs open the door to the dorm. He knew Rebekah (my friend) and Brandon (his friend) were there but had never met me. He came over, sat next to me on the futon, and proceeded to argue with me that I didn’t have red hair. (I am the definition of a ginger). Fast forward 5 months later, I didn’t give Ben a single thought (sorry babe). At the start of my sophomore year of college, Rebekah and I were living together and she asked if I wanted to come hang out with Brandon and some of her other friends. Brandon, when he heard I was coming, immediately called Ben and told him that the pretty red head was here and he had to come, quick. The rest from there is history. We hung out a few more times with friends and eventually Ben got the courage up to ask me for my number. He had a few drinks in him when he did so he asked me to double check that the number was correct, it wasn’t. I fixed it, and a week later Ben and I went to a local Italian restaurant for our first date. Ben and I dated for two years at Clarkson, then were long distance while he went to graduate school in Pittsburgh PA, and then moved in together in Philadelphia, PA, where we currently live with our two puppies.

how they asked

Clarkson University has always meant a lot to us. It’s where we met and fell in love, and we both loved our entire college experience. The campus is beautiful and we always talked about getting married on this one pier. We went on long walks whenever we could on a path behind the campus. The path had two piers and connected to a cemetery which we would walk through. One of the piers always meant a lot to us. We shared our first kiss there, and during our many, many walks we would always go out to the pier, look out to the water, and nothing needed to be said. It was just our pier.

Ben left Clarkson University before me and went on to graduate school in Pittsburgh, PA. I stayed to finish my undergrad, I had one more semester left. The night before my graduation I received a call that my papa had a heart attack and had coded several times. In order to try and allow him to recover, he was put on a ventilator and was unconscious. My papa and I have always been close so this was heartbreaking. Ben and my dad came up and got me and all of my things, and I missed my graduation ceremony. That was in December of 2014 and I hadn’t been back to Clarkson until last weekend.

Ben knew I had been itching to get up, especially during the fall because it’s so beautiful. He suggested we plan a trip, so we did for one night, 11/19. Little did I know, he had much more planned. We drove up to Clarkson the morning of the 19th, and Ben surprised me with reservations for lunch at our favorite restaurant. Afterwords, we really wanted to go for a walk down to that pier that meant the world to us. I was so excited. Just being in our college town was exciting and then going on one of our old walks was even more exciting!

As we started walking the path I saw someone taking pictures and innocently said to Ben “Oh look, there’s someone taking pictures of the water, how cool”. Little did I know, Ben had hired him. We made our way to the pier and I could feel the tears starting just from being on the pier with Ben, like we had been a hundred times before. I felt Ben’s arm slip from around my waist and when I turned around, he was on one knee!


I really couldn’t believe it. I knew that the photographer was ours and that was the first thing I asked before I said “of course” to the question I had been waiting years for him to ask me. It was the perfect moment, I couldn’t stop smiling, and it made the pier mean even more to us. He told me we had reservations for the restaurant we had our first date at. It truly was the best moment, with the best guy.

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