Benjamin and Lauren

How We Met

We met on Match. After a few days of texting, we met for drinks. Since that first date, we haven’t really had a single day apart. First and foremost, we are best friends, and that’s pretty special. We share a lot of the same interests, specifically music and theater. Neither of us know too much about sports, so it was so great to find someone who would rather sing show tunes than catch a game. We also challenge each other. Ben challenges Lauren to do Orange Theory with him, and Lauren challenges Ben to learn how to use the hamper. Above all, we have fun together and are pretty big goofballs. We are each other’s biggest fans.

We both knew this was it after the second date (the day after the first date). We met for dinner at Four Dogs Tavern in West Chester and spent the entire night talking and laughing and really getting to know each other. After the third date (again, the next day), Lauren left for Florida for a family vacation. It was amazing that after only three dates, we missed each other so much. We talked each night, and Lauren even changed her flight to come home a day early so they could see each other again sooner.

how they asked

I proposed to Lauren at Marshall Square Park in West Chester on Friday, February 9. Lauren loves lights, so I wanted to set up a romantic scene at the gazebo in the center of the park. The park is right by their apartment, and West Chester is such a special place for us and our relationship. I left work early on Friday and met my parents at the park to set up the lights and candles. While my parents kept watching over the gazebo, I went home to meet Lauren.

We had been house hunting, so I told Lauren that I wanted to show her a house near the park. Lauren had no idea, but when she saw the gazebo all lit up, she knew something was going on. I popped the question with Michelle and Nicholas hiding behind trees to capture the moment.

After we took a few portraits, went to celebrate at Social Lounge, where I had another surprise. Lauren’s family and my family were waiting there to celebrate with us. The proposal was everything I hoped it would be, and Lauren describes it as the best day of her life…until she gets to marry me!

I worked with Sandra at Sunset Hill Jewelers in West Chester for the ring. She was absolutely amazing and helped me create the perfect ring for Lauren. She helped me pick out the diamond and design the band. She let me be a part of every step of the process. Lauren describes her ring as the prettiest ring she has ever seen.

We are getting married on June 15, 2019, at the Ocean Club Hotel in Cape May, New Jersey! We are loving the wedding planning process!

Special Thanks