Heather and Benjamin

How We Met

Heather and Ben met in the fall of 2012 in downtown Royal Oak. Heather was out with her girlfriends and was flaunting her “British” accent when she met Ben who also had an accent– except, well his was real. Ben quickly caught on that the girl in front of him was not actually British and was not actually neighbors with Will & Kate in England (shocker!) but he let her continue to see how far she would go with this! Heather was getting ready to leave to head to the next place with her friends when they exchanged phone numbers. A week later, they went on their first date and have been together ever since.

how they asked

Fast Forward (approx. 4 years later): Heather was in the process of finishing grad school and finally submitted her thesis when the next day they left for a celebratory trip to Iceland but Ben had a few tricks up his sleeve… his proposal! We had just arrived to Reykjavik and rented a car to drive the Ring Road over to Jökulsárlón- Glacier Lagoon where we would start our trip. Ben had planned on doing an ice cave tour but with some crazy wind, we were not able to do the tour. Instead he decided to take a hike on our own by the Glacier Lagoon and explore by ourselves. Little did we know, this was about to be the start of our greatest adventure.

Present moment: And now here we are purchasing our first home together, picking out wedding colors and trying to find a mutual agreement of which toilet paper is better. We know the next couple months are going to fly by but we cannot wait for our special day to officially become Mr. & Mrs.