Benita and Jainesh

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How We Met

We met each other in his home coincidentally our uncles are both pastors and friends and I was looking for a place to stay in the middle of Uni semester in Wellington and one conversation lead to another and I was staying as a border in his room while he was working away from home he moved back home to realize his room was taken over by me. We got to know each other more day by day he grew to be my closest friend in Wellington, and it was as if we’ve known each other our whole lives.

I’ve always been one to take things slow (to his dismay) even though he had started to make his intentions clear of wanting this to be more than friendship and even blatantly confessed it I become naïve and laughed it off in the hope to not ruin the bond we had months passed and it was time for me to head back home for the holidays he didn’t come to say bye or anything and I figured. He mentioned he wasn’t great with goodbyes.

Moving back to my hometown Auckland we were still inseparable we kept in contact pretty much every minute of the day until one day he surprised me by coming to Auckland for not a day but 4 weeks! Just to spend time with me and show him my life here – it was the happiest I had been ever been since not being with him. The time apart made me realize how much life without him felt incomplete that the saying that always made my eyes roll was true! “distance surely makes the heart grow fonder.” We both laughed at the fact that not only did I take his room but also his heart!

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How They Asked

We got engaged on the 10th of July! Such a fun, whirlwind of a weekend. Jainesh and I had plans to be attending his work Mid Winter Dinner although, on our drive, we took a different turn and I was confused thinking maybe its a shortcut until we pulled up into our local airport where I saw planes for sale I asked him why we were here he said we were here to buy a plane somehow stupidly I believed him I did always tell him if someone deserved to win the lotto it would be him because I’ve never met someone who is as selfless and thoughtful as he is my tone then changed from being angry to being super nice just in case he was telling the truth lol we kept driving and came to a helicopter sitting on a landing angrily I started asking questions again whether he won the competition I sent him weeks ago and I was completely ignored we got into the helicopter I asked him again whether he won and startled he said yes (in my head I was like did it have to be today my hair is going to get ruined with the earmuffs).

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The helicopter started to fly over our home and we were both in awe of the view from above three-quarters of the way through the flight as I looked out the window Jainesh asked me to take out my ear muffs and he pulled out a tie and started to blindfold me (Jainesh said I was really quiet at this point lol) at this moment I somehow knew that this wasn’t an ordinary flight a few minutes later the helicopter started to shake and then the noise has silenced the door next to me opened.

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As we walked from a distance I heard a violinist playing our first concert song “Ed Sheeran – Thinking out loud” and at this moment I said to Jai “baby this is our song” through the blindfold I started to cry this was such a surreal moment for me, it’s the moment that every girl has dreamed about and now I’m living in it, time stood still.

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As the blindfold was taken off my vision was blurred and the first thing I could make out was seeing the love of my life on his knees with the ring of my dreams and surrounded by all our loved ones after I finally got the words of “just put it on” and “of course yes” before he even finished.

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I realized we were being photographed! At that moment I knew he had put so much thought and effort into his proposal. We got to celebrate and take photos with our families which were so so special and spend the rest of the weekend celebrating and enjoying the union of both families.

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I’m still in awe of this special day and the moments we shared and that someone loves me so much to create such an unforgettable moment for me! God has his time and season for everyone, and I cannot wait to see his will unfold in our future Jainesh my fiancé I love you.

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