Ben and Laura

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how we met

My aunt Ann and her husband Chad are friends with Ben, although I had never met him. My aunt had invited a group of people out to watch the NCAA National Championship game, including Ben and me. Both Ben and I had recently been through breakups and weren’t really looking for anything, but we had instant chemistry. I told him that night he looked like an older Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. In hind sight that probably wasn’t the coolest thing I could have said, but he didn’t know then what it meant anyway. He ended up asking my Aunt the next day what my ‘situation’ was. We all found a way to do another group get together a few days later at an outdoor music concert. There might as well have not been any other people around. We kept finding ways to disappear for more drinks or to go dance to the music. We talked so much and found we had so much in common. We even managed to sneak in our first kiss while no one was watching! We went on our first official date a few days after that, and have been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

Ben is an incredible musician and plays in a local band. We were planning a trip out of town since he and his band were playing at two different festivals. This was perfect because we love to travel and this didn’t have me suspecting anything at all. After the first festival we were heading a few hours away to the next festival. I knew we were in a small rush but as we got closer to Cottonwood I could feel his anxiety growing. I knew his sister was joining us for that festival and when she called and he was trying to explain he had emailed her something, I just figured they were talking about tickets to the show. As we got close to where we were going to stay he asked if I wanted to stop and walk around the beautiful grounds of the Paige Springs Cellars Winery. I thought that was a bit strange since I thought we were in a rush but the grounds of the winery are so breathtaking I was happy to take a walk if we had time.

We started walking around the winery, talking and enjoying the hills full of vines and all of the green trees. We made our way down to the Oak Creek that runs through the grounds. We stopped there and Ben began telling me how much he loved me and how he wants to be in my life forever. Then suddenly he was on one knee and pulled out the ring box and opened it and asked me to marry him!

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I of course started to cry and immediately said yes and hugged and kissed him. I could hear cheering and whistling and we looked back and there was his sister, brother, daughter, son and his son’s girlfriend. They had been hiding out behind trees the entire time!

But the amazing story doesn’t end there. We headed straight to the festival so Ben could get on stage. Half way through their set the lead singer stopped to announced that Ben had proposed and then Ben took the mic and said ‘under this beautiful moon we dedicate this song to you.’ It was Hold Back the River by James Bay. James Bay was just coming out while we were falling in love and we loved this song. We went to his concert twice, including on our one year dating anniversary. The band learned the entire song, played and sang it for me in front of hundreds of people! Even Ben sang! So many people, including me were in tears. It was such an incredible moment.

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Later that night when we got to the place we were staying we walked in and it was covered in red roses, rose petals, candles, champagne on ice, and pictures strung along the walls, on the bed, chairs and everywhere in the room from our entire relationship. His family was so integral in making everything happen so smoothly and perfectly and Ben thought through every detail. It was the most magical day of my life!

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