Ben and Kelsey

How We Met: We actually met on an online dating website, Plenty of Fish about 2 years ago.

Golf Ball Proposal (1)how they asked: We went to my country club to play some golf. I was not interested in playing but would go to watch him. We got there and the parking lot was empty because the course was closed. Cool I thought, now we don’t have to play. I get in my car waiting to go and Ben comes back saying we are going to the driving range. Okay I can handle that for an hour I guess. He drives the cart around the closed golf course. He stops at home 4 (our favorite number) and we take some pics together. I asked him why we stopped since the range is the other direction. He causally says “just wanted to take a pic by our number.” We get to range and hit a few golf balls. Then we make our way to the putting green. After 10 minutes, I went to the cart and got my putter. I got the ball in the hole and went to get the ball out (bright yellow) and noticed a white ball, almost like a ping pong ball too. I take it out and said “who is playing with this” and throw it on the ground. He tells me to pick it back up and I saw that it was cracked. I was so confused as to why this ball was so important. I open where the crack is and look up, Ben is down on one knee asking me to marry him. My first words are is this a joke and are you serious. I was completely surprised and taken back. I get to marry my best friend and couldn’t be happier!

Golf Ball Proposal (2)