Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Proposal

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How we met: Shawn and Elyse, who are from LA and Miami respectively, met in North Carolina of all places, at Wake Forest University. Elyse visited Wake as a high school Senior for a scholarship interview, where she and the other scholarship contenders were required to sit in on a class. After the class the professor asked Shawn, then a freshman, to take the prospective students to the cafeteria for lunch.
The scholarship (and Shawn’s irresistible charm) resulted in Elyse attending Wake Forest the next year. While Shawn and Elyse would see each other occasionally Elyse’s freshman year, it wasn’t until the two ended up living in the same dorm Elyse’s sophomore year that they started spending more time together and quickly became inseparable.

Fast forward almost 7 years and…

how they asked: Shawn and Elyse’s parents have had a long-standing rule that there will be no engagements until both people have finished with school. So, after impatiently waiting for almost 7 years, and multiple graduate degrees for both, Shawn planned to propose the day after he finished MBA School. Unfortunately, the universe had an alternate plan as Elyse found out the day before Shawn was planning to propose that she had to fly down to Miami for a work emergency at the exact time Shawn was planning to propose. Shawn, who had meticulously planned the proposal, had the date engraved on multiple mementos, and had a professional photographer lined up, scrambled to come up with an alternate plan that would not involve changing the date. He asked Elyse if they could instead celebrate the end of his schooling by going to breakfast in the morning. Elyse reluctantly agreed, not thrilled about waking up early, but also feeling guilty about ruining his graduation celebration.

Image 6 of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Proposal Image 7 of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Proposal Image 1 of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Proposal Image 2 of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Proposal Image 3 of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Proposal Early the next morning Shawn took Elyse to Georgetown, and as they were walking along the waterfront Shawn suddenly stopped, put down his bag, and took out a carton of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Elyse, who has a severe weakness for sweets, especially ice cream, thought that Shawn had packed a picnic, and did not give the idea of ice cream at 7a.m. a second thought. As she motioned to see what flavor he chose Shawn backed away, beginning to tear up. He began to tell Elyse how much he loved her and what their relationship meant to him, when he turned the Ben and Jerry’s carton around to reveal the words “Elyse, Will You Marry Me?” on a custom-made carton he went all the way up the Ben and Jerry’s corporate ladder to have made. He then opened the empty carton to reveal a ring box inside, got down on one knee, and proposed! Elyse, who was completely caught off-guard, began to laugh and cry and say “yes” over and over. Once Elyse was covered in tears and runny makeup Shawn revealed there had been a photographer following them the entire time who captured the whole experience. Everything about the proposal was perfect and a testament to how well Shawn knows Elyse. Ben & Jerry’s has now become a staple in their relationship, despite the irony that Shawn is lactose intolerant.

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Photography by: eKate Photography