Ben and Emily

How We Met

Emily and I went to High School together and we both grew up in Normal Illinois. I was a grade above her. We had art class together. She was very cute, but new better than to get involved with me. We were friends and would talk in the halls and dance together at our high school dances. Attached is a photo at my senior prom on 5/2/2009. Emily and I always stayed in touch throughout the years. I was friends with her older brother and he would become annoyed when I would always ask him how Emily was doing.

Ben and Emily's Engagement in Weibring Golf Club in Normal, IL

how they asked

Last fall I moved back to my hometown where Emily and I grew up. She is now a nurse. I quickly asked her out and began falling in love with her. Emily loves dogs and I always wanted to get a dog. After a short time of dating I knew Emily was the one and I somehow always knew I wanted to involve a puppy to propose! My parents now live in Fort Myers, Florida and are retired, they come back to Bloomington Normal Illinois each summer. I got a two bedroom place so that they could stay with me.

Proposal Ideas Weibring Golf Club in Normal, IL

On their drive up to Illinois they stopped to see my grandma. I researched golden retriever puppies and found a breeder near me grandma’s house. I asked my parents to check on the available puppies. 8 were in the litter, 7 girls and 1 boy. I chose the boy with the intention I would pick him the day of her birthday and propose on 8/11/2017.

Where to Propose in Weibring Golf Club in Normal, IL

Keeping it a secret from Emily was very difficult. I had lots of planning and coordinating to make this the ultimate surprise, but I knew it would be worth it. You can see all the details in the video attached. The engagement party followed right after.

Our friends and family congratulated us and held our new puppy we named Maverick. We couldn’t be happier! It was an amazing day!

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