Ben and Brittany

How We Met

On Christmas Day 2013, both of us strolled into the airport before sunrise. We were headed to Tel Aviv, each with a best friend in tow, along with a group of 40+ strangers. We all slowly got to know one another as the sun started setting and we boarded our plane to Toronto for a quick layover.

After spending a day at the Dead Sea, we first truly met and started talking later that night around a campfire outside our hotel. We spent much of the rest of the trip together, enjoying our time getting to know one another while spending time in Israel and meeting tons of great new friends.

Fast forward 12 days – we are landing in New York and headed back to our respective cities (Ben in St. Louis, Missouri and Brittany back to college at Duke in Durham, North Carolina). We didn’t know what the future would entail, to be quite honest. One day later, we exchanged text messages and Brittany had planned to come to visit St. Louis. We traveled back and forth at least once a month to see one another for the next two and a half years; taking turns trading off who made the two-hour plane ride. In April 2016, Ben moved to DC to be with Brittany.

how they asked

Christmas Day 2017 would’ve been too cliché, so Ben waited a few days until December 29th to ask the big question. Since Brittany is a huge Duke basketball fan, Ben thought it would be nice to incorporate a game into the proposal weekend. The Duke Gardens are an absolutely beautiful part of the Duke campus, so Ben (with the help of our wonderful photographer Lacy!) scoped out a spot in the gardens to set the stage for the proposal.

We made the four-hour drive from our home in Washington, D.C. to Durham and dropped off our bags at the hotel for the weekend. Luckily the weather was cooperating, so the gardens seemed like a lovely place to go. We got out of the car and had a little argument about which path to head towards. Of course, Brittany wanted to take the most logical path – the one right in front of us. However, knowing that Lacy was patiently waiting in a different part of the garden, Ben resisted and asked Brittany to simply follow his lead. Nervous as can be, it took just a few moments before Ben was on one knee asking Brittany to marry him.

Lacy then popped out of her chair and smiled over at us. We had a quick engagement photoshoot around the gardens, capturing the first reactions of our special moment. Since our families weren’t around, we spent the next long while basking in the sun, FaceTiming and calling family and friends to share the exciting news!

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