Bailey and Ben

How We Met

Ben and I met through a program called Bible Quizzing when we were kids.


Each year, our respective teams qualified for the national tournament so we ran into each other in several different cities and states before he finally asked me out. We were staying at the same hotel but I declined because I had an early flight the next morning.


Ben was afraid we would lose touch (as I was heading back to California and he was heading to Baton Rouge for law school.) So, he somehow convinced the lady at the front desk to tell him what room I was in and he slipped a handwritten note under my hotel room door.


He’s had my heart ever since.

how they asked

“Remember, remember, the 5th of November.” For me, that’s easy because that was the day Ben got down on one knee on a rooftop in downtown with the most amazing view of the Houston skyline and asked me to marry him.

He even had a cellist and violinist playing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” in the background. I felt it, he felt it, we’re getting married in May.