Ben and Abby

10/10/18, the day before my 26th birthday and our 10th anniversary. Our first port on the cruise is St. Maarten; the sky was clear, the sea breeze was just perfect, and butterflies fluttered all over the island. Ben and I had an ATV excursion planned at noon but we woke up early to get in some beach time. We walked along the shore taking in the warm Caribbean sun talking about how excited we were to go on this ATV adventure to see both the Dutch and French side of St. Maarten. We walked for awhile until we came upon a secluded area on the beach by a big hill on the coast right across the horizon from our cruise ship. I was a little overheated so I decided to sit on the shoreline to cool off. I sat for maybe 5 minutes facing the ocean, watching the butterflies and admiring the turquoise waters when I noticed that Ben was being very quiet. Not unusual for him, but I at least thought he would have sat next to me on the shore by now. When I turned around to see what he was up to, he pulled a slim black box out of his pocket and knelt on one knee. Me being a complete idiot, I blurted out, “are you joking?!”

He did a Ben smirk- mischief dimple on his cheek, smiled and said, “I can’t keep waiting for the perfect moment to ask what I’ve known for almost 10 years. Will you let me be your husband?”
I threw my arms around his neck, knelt with him, and uttered “of course”. After he proposed, our cruise ship sounded its and like clockwork, all the cars and trucks up on the hill overlooking the beach where we were honked their horns and hollered at us.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in St. Maarten

Marriage Proposal Ideas in St. Maarten