Belle and Easu

How We Met

We met at California state university of Monterey bay. Esau’s roommate was my friend, so we met through him. We hung out here and there and then one day we decided to go to San Francisco to go eat at Joe’s Crab Shack, and that’s where we decided to become a couple.

How They Asked

Esau kept trying to take Belle to see Christmas tree lights and wanted to propose there since he had just gotten into physical therapy school and had to move to Southern California. He tried a few days in a row but things kept happening so he proposed at my grandmothers house in San Francisco, he was trying to get YouTube on TV but it wouldn’t work, so he asked to see my phone. I didn’t understand why, when he had his phone but eventually I gave him my phone. Little did I know he was about to use my phone to play our song clarity. He played our song clarity and then he started to slow dance with me then he asked me to marry him. I found out later that he used his phone to record it all :). Afterwards he took me to see the Christmas lights.



Special Thanks

Paul Douda Photography
 | Photography
Windansea Beach
 | Location