Belle and A.C.

How We Met

Well, I was on Tinder and I was going date after date with no success.

Until I decided that tinder was not for me anymore and deleted the app on my phone.

Shortly after, a guy I had previously talked to through the app texts me on WhatsApp and we start chatting. As I was fed up with tinder dating, I wasn’t really excited to meet him but I thought ” let me do it, and he’ll be the last guy I go out with from tinder”. We agreed to have a drink and I planned to go to the movies with my cousins after. so basically I didn’t want the date to last long. The date was okay, I went to meet my cousins who were eager to hear my feedback, all I said was ” Nah we’re just friends”. Well, the next day he calls and asks me out for dinner. That date lasted 5 hours and the rest is history.

Last tinder date and apparently last bf :) that was in April 2017.

How They Asked

That night we were supposed to have dinner with his friends as he has told me. We were on vacation in Mexico/ Cancun and we are originally from Lebanon. So after a busy day full of activities, I was looking forward to eating and enjoy the good company. To my surprise, he had planned a beautifully set romantic dinner by the beach for just the two of us. The dinner set in a wooden structure on the sand with candles and dim lights to set the mood was exceptional.

Once we were done with the food, the waiter declared that he has a surprise for both of us. Yet in order to get it, we have to be blindfolded first. With my sense of adventure and curiosity, I was no doubt game for what was coming.

In my head thoughts were racing trying to guess what do they have in disguise for us. Blindfolded, the waiter held my hand and escorted me to a nearby location. Along the way, he was preparing me. He said, that once I reach and remove my blindfold on his call, I’m supposed to hit a huge “piñata”. As dessert was not yet served, it all made sense to me. And for all those who know me, food comes as a priority anytime. So at that moment, I had no thoughts of anything particularly romantic but rather I had just started fantasizing about a fatty mouth-watering dessert and a pile of spicy Mexican candies. Once I arrived, I was finally asked to take the blindfold off.

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I was first hit by the glare of the heart-shaped dazzling lights and fire, to later notice my partner’s figure kneeling in the middle with a slightly opened ring box in his hands.
It is only then that I realized there was no piñata and no Mexican candies. Rather, an astonishingly well-planned proposal. Moments of overwhelmed emotions followed and gladly a talented photographer was there to archive a moment that we will hold and preserve for long days to come.

To top it off, while we enjoyed the rest of our night hanging on the sandy beach, and as it’s nesting season in Mexico for sea turtles. We witnessed 3 huge turtles crashing the shore and laying their eggs in the sand right in front of us. In Native American symbolism, the turtle represents mother earth and signifies good health and long life.
Cheers to that everyone!

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