Bella and Dom

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New Jersey Devils' Player Bench

How We Met

We had known each other socially for as long as I had an adult social life. We had many of the same friends, although we were not friends ourselves. We hung out at the same bars, although never together. We had somehow been friends on social media since I cant remember when. We went to most of the same schools and spent our lives living just minutes away yet we never really got to know one another until 2012.

I was attending college at the time, my second attempt at a degree, and it was the beginning of spring break. I was older that most of the people in my classes and unlike them, had responsibilities that prevented me from going away like so many college kids do. Friends of mine were determined to show me a good time anyhow just to make me feel better about being a student again and not having the luxury to go and enjoy spring break. We went to one local bar and then another. After quite a few drinks, a friend of both Dom’s and mine pulled us together and sparked up a conversation between us.

The next day we had text back and forth a bit and set up a date for the following week. We went to the batting cages and to play mini golf. It was such a simple date but it was enough to keep me interested. We began hanging out more and more and before we even realized it, we were dating.

how they asked

Dom and I have had New Jersey Devils season tickets for a few seasons and we are constantly at games, trying to make as many home games as possible. It was Good Friday and Passover, they had fallen on the same day this year, and being a hairdresser, I had the longest day at work! I would have passed on this game except that it was the second to last game of the season so I decided to suck up the exhaustion and go enjoy another game. The game was great, we got complimentary seat upgrades and it was a close game. We were supposed to take pictures on the ice as our last member perk of the year and we did’t want to pass that up since it is always a really long summer for us waiting to get back to the Prudential Center. The game went into over time and much to my tired self’s dismay, a shootout. After what seemed like forever, Patrik Elias scored and we won! We headed down to the ice to take our last picture of the season. I wish I could say I was happy about this but I wasn’t. I was miserable and grumpy and completely annoyed that we were still there when I knew I had a crazy day ahead of me and it was already so late.

We finally make it to the bench and I am even more angry because we had already taken pictures there. Dom convinced me to just enjoy it for what it was and go with it so I did. Our turn comes up and we go to sit on the bench where my team had just sat on moments before. I was instructed by the photographer to put my bag down on the other end of the bench and to come back to the middle. I did as I was told. I sat down and looked up and Dom. Sitting there he was holding my mother’s ring, the ring I had wanted my entire life, the ring which would be the only way I would marry any one ever, he was holding it in his hand.

“I brought this for you to wear for the picture” That is all I remember before I heard a roar of an applause. I looked up long enough to notice how much fuller the arena was than I had expected for after the game. My rep was clapping as were the people on line behind us. I looked down and reminded him to put the ring on my finger. There was no questions, no “will you marry me?” It went unspoken but was the most perfect proposal I could have imagined.

Weeks later I received a package in the mail. In it was a card congratulating us, a framed photo, and a disk with about a hundred photos of our moment. It was the most amazing surprise I could have asked for.

Flash Forward… We were married on March 12th 2016 and the mascot, NJ Devil made an appearance there as it was only fitting.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New Jersey Devils' Player Bench

Bella's Proposal in New Jersey Devils' Player Bench

Special Thanks

Mat Hazen
 | Season Ticket Rep