Belky and Casey

My boyfriend, Casey, and I met my freshman year at American International College. He was a Sophomore football player and wrestler, I was a cheerleader. We met through our teammates and hit it off as best friends for 8 months before he finally asked me to be his girlfriend (I’m old fashioned and wouldn’t call him my boyfriend until he officially asked).

We’ve been together a total of 7 years, we’ve had multiple conversations of engagement, marriage and kids. We had decided to wait on an engagement until we were financially settled. I always said “a ring or no ring, I’m just happy to be with you” so we weren’t in any rush. He knew my ring size and my likes and dislikes for anything wedding and ring related so talks of those things were no surprise, no matter how random. This year we were both slammed at work and had many over time hours, I figured he was picking up shifts because he wanted to put a little extra than normal away in our savings (we’re moving to LA in 2018). Little did I know the extra money would be going towards my enegamwnt ring!

Homecoming day started as normal, 9am alumni football game (past players of all ages play touch football on the field prior to the football game of the day) – I go and watch every year. I see his old teammates (who I consider family) and get excited for the activities to follow that afternoon. I went home to get ready while Casey also enjoyed his alumni wrestling event- he told me he’s just shower and get ready at the facilities. I got ready for the game with the help of my friend Hannah who had offered to do my makeup (she’s a makeup artist). I was a few minutes late to the game and met up with Casey at the gate – we mingled at the alumni tent and then he pulled me aside and told me that it was halftime and he won a raffle. He said the raffle entailed him to get on the field and kick a field goal. I stepped up to the fence and the announcer asked if I was his girlfriend, I said yes and Casey told her I was a cheerleader so I should cheer him on, on the field. At first I said no, because I didn’t feel it necessary to get on the field but with little persuasion I followed Casey onto the 50 yard line. They introduced him and then handed the microphone to Casey, he proceeded to introduce me and talk about how we met on campus “7 years 3 weeks and 2 days” (on 10/21/17) – that’s when everything changed and he turned to me. He started talking about us and how much he loves me (I was still in denial he was proposing) then he went for the ring and it was in that moment I realized this was really happening. He pulled out the ring and in Spanish (I’m Puerto Rican, he asked my parents for my hand in marriage in Spanish too) he proposed.

Right there, in front of everyone we knew, he got down on one knee and made me the happiest woman in the world. What made it even more special was looking over to the opening of the field to see my father running on to hug me, unfortunately, my mother is taking care of my grandmother in Puerto Rico and with the damages from Hurricane Irma she was unable to attend but was there on the phone ready to congratulate me. Two out of my three brothers were able to make it as well (the oldest brother lives in Orlando, Fl and was unable to fly up) but it was great to see them, it brought tears to my eyes. It was beautiful and I couldn’t have imagined a better way to get proposed to. The college even shared it all over their social media! It was extremely magical! I’m very excited to start the next chapter in my life and to become Mrs Hines!

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