Belinda and Steve

How We Met

Steve and I met at work. I was working at a pizza shop and he was to be the new manager. I didn’t think much of him to start with, but after some time working with him and hanging with the rest of the staff, he kind of grew on me. We got along well and he said he thought I was ‘cute’. So we just ended up together and now he’s my best friend, I couldn’t imagine life without him.

How They Asked

It was our 5 year anniversary. We went out for lunch and then whale watching. Afterward, he said let’s go up to the lighthouse. I assumed to try and spot whales. Whilst we were up there looking around, I spotted a magpie that looked like it might have been injured. I was wondering if I should scoop it up and take it somewhere to be checked out. Meanwhile, Steve is telling me to forget the bird and come over to him. Me being an animal lover was more concerned for the magpie.

Proposal Ideas Lighthouse beach Port Macquarie

He finally managed to get my attention. I turned around to him down on one knee holding out an opened ring box. I cried like a girl, totally surprised! I said yes and couldn’t wipe off that smile. It was like a dream. We are getting married this year on our 10 year anniversary :)