Belinda and Omar

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On this particular day, Christmas Eve, Omar and I were supposed to meet his cousin who was visiting from England and his fiancé. We catch a cab from his apartment and headed towards 10th street and avenue D. We got off and walked towards the pedestrian bridge crossing the FDR to get to the other side. We were headed this way because Omar told me his cousins wanted to walk the Brooklyn bridge. At this point in time, i was frustrated because we were far from the bridge and he has trouble getting in touch with his cousin. As we were walking down the east river park, we were walking towards the bridge until we hit a fork that divided the pathway. Omar pretended that his hands were irritated so he needed to alter his route to the rounded way so he can rest on the bench momentarily. After about a few seconds, we walk in the slightly longer path of the fork. From a far, I noticed there were beige ish looking things on the ground.. And we were getting closer, they turned out to be candles. I thought to myself ‘aww, someone’s getting engaged today’ and kept walking towards the candles not thinking anything of it. All of a sudden, the song ‘like I’m gonna lose you’ by meaghan trainer comes on and Omar brings me to the center of the candles which were laid out in a heart shape.

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He got on his knee and asked me the one question I’ve been dreaming about my whole life! Other than realizing what was going on, I was in utter shock to see Cynthia and his cousin capturing this moment. Omar’s mom and brother also came out to greet us which was a pleasant surprise. My parents and the rest of Omar’s family were also on their way to celebrate this moment with us.

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Special Thanks

Cynthia Chung Weddings
 | Photographer