Belinda and Nield

How We Met

We first met each other at a friends New Years Eve party, and you could say that there were “fireworks” between us quite literally. Long story short, Nield mindlessly threw a handful of firecrackers into a bonfire (boys-eye roll) and they popped at just the right time when I went walking by. It was nothing too serious, but it still took quite a long time to forgive him, which I finally did…sorta. ;) It didn’t take him long to fall head over heels and do whatever he could, including moving his busy schedule (he was in clinicals) completely around to spend even the smallest amount of time with me. I wasn’t interested in starting a relationship since I was about to be going over seas to do missions work in the UK, but this didn’t stop Nield from pursuing and hoping that one day this would change. He decided that if being friends with me could be the only way to spend time together, it was worth it. Over time the two of us became friends, that turned into close friends, that turned into best friends, that did in fact, turn into more. But when the time came for me to make my international move, the two of us mutually decided that remaining just friends would be the easiest thing to do, and so I moved to Liverpool, England to help with a church. Half a year later, the day before Christmas, at the Shreveport Regional airport, Nield picked me from my flight, & it was as if we had never been apart…And the rest has been planned & orchestrated within God’s perfect timing.

how they asked

Nield had mentioned to me on a Monday that we had plans later in the week. The only other information that was given to me was that I should “dress nice” and to get where we were going required a bit of traveling. Of course my mind began to race! I had a good idea that this trip would be “the proposal”, but where we were going was a mystery. On Thursday of that same week we left early and drove from Shreveport, La to Irving, Tx (around 3 hours one way). Still not knowing where we were going or what we were doing, I wondered why we were exiting the interstate here.

Proposal Ideas Irving, Tx

We drove to an are called Los Colinas that so happened to have water canals that ran through parts of the city. We walked down a long stairwell and hadn’t been sat for very long when a gondola being pushed by a man in a suit passed under a bridge and rounded the corner. I told him “now that’s cool”!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Irving, Tx

Still not knowing what he had planned, he smiled and said “that’s what we’re doing” Tyson the gondolier helped us on the to the boat and a chilled bottle of sparking grape juice and a bowl of chocolates were waiting on us. He quickly informed us that this ride would be a traditional gondola experience, including singing from himself in Italian. In between songs, Tyson told us that the surrounding areas were very popular for celebrations such as birthday parties, graduations, and weddings.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Irving, Tx

A tradition many of the brides & grooms did was write down well wishes for their future, place it in a bottle, and toss it in the canals, which were often discovered later on. A few romantic croons later, Tyson points out that there is a floating bottle close to my side of the gondola and tells me to reach over to get it. Upon retrieving it from the water, I was instructed to open it and read what was inside.

To my surprise, I found a letter, not from a previous bride & groom, but the sweetest letter from the sweetest man filled with reason after reason of why he loved me so. When I looked up from the letter, I found my best friend down on one knee with a ring box in his hand…

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