Belen and Hector

how we met

Hector and I are perfect for each other because we are not perfect. We are opposite; he’s a morning person and I’m a night owl. He’s calm and I’m the furthest thing from that. What makes us perfect is not our like mindedness but the fact that we understand each other, that we will do anything for one another. We balance each other out. While our sense of humor is in sync, we both go towards it differently based on our personalities. I go direct and exuberant to make everyone laugh, Hector goes sarcastic and subtly until people get it. We are both extremely hard working and dedicated, to and for others but specially towards each other. He buys me pizza and I buy him tacos. We communicate and while that’s a “requirement” for all healthy and prosperous relationships, not everyone can achieve it. We are perfect for one another simply because we love each other!

how they asked

The proposal was wonderful and thought out and a bibliophile’s dream; it was on July 11th 2015. My best friend Mica texted me a week or two before saying she wanted to go out of town for the day. We decided to go to LA and visit the Griffith Observatory and one of my favorite places in the world The Last Bookstore. We arrived at the Griffith Observatory around noon and started our long walk up the hill. Once inside we bought tickets to see a 30 minute show. Once the show was over we walked around the observatory seeing everything. (I wanted her to see the observatory because since it was her first time there I didn’t want her to miss out on anything). She kept making comments of leaving but I kept insisting we had other things to see. Finally I started getting hungry and told her we could leave and get food. I asked her where she wanted to eat and she said let’s eat after the bookstore and I kept telling her no that I was hungry now, but of course she won and we started driving to the bookstore, but not without a minor detour to buy fruit from a fruit stand on the side of the road. After getting on the freeway we were almost to the bookstore when I was about to eat my piece of watermelon and it falls on my white shirt and it gets stained. I always get dirty eating so to me this was no big deal and Mica, well Mica is used to it.

Once we parked we started walking towards the bookstore and Mica kept insisting we go see the vault (side note: the bookstore is inside and old bank building and on the first floor there is a vault with very old and beautiful books, there’s a bench in there and dim lighting and I love just sitting in there and looking at the books). As soon as we walked inside I was going to head to the modern section of the bookstore but she said no lets go to the vault. So off we go to the vault. We go inside and I start looking at the books, she tells me I’ll be back my mom is calling me and heads out. I hear noises and people walking outside of the vault but pay no attention to it since well it is a bookstore and people go in and out of the vault all the time. She then returns and has a book in her hands and tells me look what I found. She hands me “The Book of Life” (the animated film) and all I could say is, wow this is a book. Then I start flipping through the pages and see that there is a piece of the book cut out and inside there is a ring tied to a string.

I close the book and and say, “is this for real?”, I look up and see Hector walking in and kneeling on one knee and takes the book from me, unties the string and takes the ring out and asks me to marry him. My eyes started to get teary and I said yes!!!! Right after that I asked what I was going to do with my promise ring, I was just so nervous that I couldn’t think of just taking it off. Hector simply tells me “you take it off so I can put this one on!”

Special Thanks