Belen and Carlos

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How We Met

He was a new student and officially the cutest boy in our high school. We were in a math class together, and I instantly had a huge crush on him. We started talking, and I was completely blind to the fact that he liked me too. He joined the choir and went to tutoring after school just to spend more time with me, and I had no idea. He would even call and text me to ask about “homework,” but our conversations would last hours, and I was somehow still oblivious to his attraction to me.

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I was pleasantly surprised one day after school when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Even though he asked me through a text message when he was right in front of me, and even though I thought our relationship wouldn’t survive the 30-mile distance when he went to college that year, I said yes. Now here we are almost 7 years later. We survived the long distance relationship and he learned how to ask important questions in much better ways ;)

Belen and Carlos's Engagement in Seal Beach, California

how they asked

We were celebrating our 6th anniversary with a day full of fun things. We went whale watching on a boat followed by a romantic dinner by the ocean. It was a beautiful summer evening, so Carlos suggested we walk on the beach and watch the sunset. As we were walking on the sand, Carlos reached into his pocket and pulled out a “blindfold” (it was actually the tie he wore to our high school Homecoming dance), and said he had a surprise for me. As I walked holding on to him for guidance, I could hear the waves getting closer.

I started to think maybe he was playing a joke on me and soon a wave would drench me. When we finally stopped, he took the blindfold off and immediately got down on one knee. To the left of me was a beautiful picnic he had set up, with candles, roses, and a picture of us.

I was shaking with excitement because he knows picnics are my favorite kinds of dates, but also because I knew what was coming next. He asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and I said yes!

We immediately celebrated by drinking some apple cider he had in the picnic basket, and we saw the sunset for the first time as an engaged couple. We are high school sweethearts and first-generation college students, and we knew 4 years ago that I could not turn down the opportunity to go on a full-scholarship to an amazing university across the country. After 4 years of being over 2,000 miles apart, I am excited to graduate college, leave the airport goodbyes behind, and officially spend forever with my best friend!