Bel and Robert

Proposal Ideas Badwater Basin - Death Valley

How We Met

We met 21 years ago at a TGIFridays. We dated for a few months & ended because we were young, I had a pre-made family & we didn’t live very close. Flash forward 2013. We had kept in touch, messaged here & there but never really reconnected until that Fall. I said happy birthday a day early because I knew I would be busy or I’d forget. He quickly messaged back & we made plans to hang that following weekend. My thoughts were, “Great! Gonna hang with a friend & be chill!” We have been together ever since! (We rode bikes along the Ventura coast, had lunch, went to my place to see pics of life & right before we fell asleep he told me he was never going to let me go again!)

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Badwater Basin - Death Valley

How They Asked

We are workaholics. We don’t do trips or go far from home. I’m in the wedding industry & we wanted to take a quick 2-day trip when my season slowed down. This was technically our first official trip together where I didn’t have to work! We hit all the sights along the way & stayed at The Oasis at Death Valley. We are early risers & out the door at 6 am & on the road. Drove through Artist Palette before hitting Badwater Basin, the lowest point in North America.

Bel's Proposal in Badwater Basin - Death Valley

He made sure I brought my nerdy phone toys to take photos. (@pivo) I set up the tripod & test remote, we’re positioning ourselves, it’s cold, we’re kinda shaking & he looks at me & tells me he loves me & continues to talk & at that moment I knew I was the photographer with the remote! I was in shock, was crying & I had to remember to keep taking pictures as all this was happening! 283 feet below sea level… We can only go up from here!

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